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The rosy cheeks are a cluster of wrinkles as the youth passes. The eyes that look at handsome things and persons grow feeble and cave in. Many students are jealous of our friendship.

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I never give him an opportunity to complain. The rosy cheeks are a cluster of wrinkles as the youth passes. Yet Rajang is never proud. His habits are simple but dignified. My parents love him as they do me and my younger sister.

Handsome is one who handsome does.

Handsome is that handsome does

Thesis proposal cover page template will be no better in any way. You will live in your deeds forever. He comes of a respectable and well-to-do family.

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In spare time we pursue common hobbies like gardening or viewing cartoon films. She often brings Prasad for my mother. He cannot live without company and friends. Do not waste it in idle pursuits. All Bordes and Helens meet the same fate. A face is no more an index of mind nowadays.

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Prosperity makes friends but adversity tries them. Allah says that He is beautiful and like beauty. So does the physical beauty. To conclude it will be the lines from the poem: We both enjoy seeing cartoon films together in our spare time.

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They must be fragrant and fruitful. It is said that friends are thieves of time.

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That is the permanent beauty. We live in deeds and not in years and the success or failure of a life can be determined by taking into account the character and amount of deeds done. Material holocaust research thesis is short lived because the inevitable truth is death ultimately. For an example Madam Diana,the princess of Britain,devoted all her life on making charity, providing care health service to poor people and education to orphan children at different corners of the world.

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Success comes to those who work with concentration and have the thoroughness in action. The world is ungrateful.

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If I utilize an hour a day in performing selfless service to the cause of humanity, I am doing a handsome job in the real sense. There is no secret between us. It has very short memory. Teachers love him, and other students like his sweet temperament and sound moral character. Same like if one does something good and beneficial for others then he is surely going to rule over the hearts of peoples even after his death.

On his last birthday they presented him an imported camera. He is healthy and handsome. Suspendisse vel enim sagittis, volutpat sem eget, condimentum sem.

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Iqbal,Shair-e-Mashriq,is another celebrity who earned name due to noble deeds. He is intelligent, kind, loving and cooperative. Just type and press 'enter' Search for: Most of our time is spent together in studies, games and other fruitful activities. I am rather foolishly wasting time, money and energy, causing little good to the society. It is often happened in our life that if we see any beautiful person we called him handsome and praise him.

Socrates, the pillar of European Philosophy was not a good looking personage. Your works will immortalize you. Nature does not spare anyone. His declaration about the abolition of slavery was a rare act that cost him his life. We have been studying in the same school together for the last 6 years.

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Our actions should speak the language of quality. Virtually we swim and sink together. An artistic looking cup may have poison in it.

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Fame or in fame is our lot according as our deeds are noble or ignoble. All men have eyes, but a few have gift of penetration. Youth has its own conception.

No doubt that everyone like beauty and love beauty. A beautiful lady may be cruel at heart. One day all of us will cast off our mortal frames. Not in wealth, rank or physical beauty, but in our action that our greatness lies. Was Mahatma Gandhi handsome? With the passage of time it has become more strong and abiding. It enchants him. Too much of wealth is certainly obnoxious.

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For the average man this is the only criterion. We feel incomplete and unhappy without each other. He helps me in spending my time more fruitfully.

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These noble deeds are more or less abiding. Because one cannot live with handsome person with having no good character and inner beauty. Thanked 2 Times in 2 Posts Senior plz Check my expansion: The only way to have a good friend is to be one.

Ours is an ideal and lasting friendship because it is based on mutual trust and cooperation. A young man has his own world.

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No doubt that beauty attracts to every one but the really beauty is the beauty of character which is eternal and which is really praiseworthy. Ruler Neru, Hitler were notorious due to their tyrannical acts and Sheikh Saadi truely said that "A cruel person dies but curse on him always remain.

But his deeds were the most handsome. Her campaigns inspired masses all over de la salle university creative writing world and cause of her popularity are her noble deeds rather than her facial feature.

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We are lucky. But our deeds survive us and deeply influence those whom we leave behind. What is handsome fascinates all sorts of men at all times.