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However, you may want to add emphasis for instance by using italics for the part of the example that is most relevant to the discussion. Do not give percentages without presenting the raw frequencies.

The examples may be extracted in the form of concordance lines, sentences, or other units, depending on your research question. What do you need to explain? What method of analysis is appropriate?

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To return to our example study above, there were separate sub-sections on: After irrelevant instances had been discarded, the material was as presented in Table 1. X to speak or with prepositional phrases as adverbials e.

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It is necessary to be alert, so as not to miss out relevant examples or include irrelevant ones. There are at least two ways of presenting your investigation and they can be combined: Slightly longer references and comments are given in footnotes placed at the bottom of the relevant page or endnotes placed just before the list of references.

Quoting examples: If you use a lot of abbreviations apart from conventional onesyou should include a list of abbreviations. However, you may want to add emphasis for instance by using italics for the part of the example that is most relevant to the discussion. Use normal type for the example.

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  2. To return to our example study above, there were separate sub-sections on:

Chapter and section headings: Use italic type to mark out a word or phrase that you are discussing and which is not an integrated part of the running text. This makes it easier to refer to them in your discussion.

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This makes it easier to follow the steps in your investigation. In a quantitative study it is usually best to draw up tables first, and then go on to describing and commenting on the data.

Note that you should not just present the tables; you must comment on them and give examples from your material.

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On the other hand, do not use long run-on sentences, with main clauses loosely essay on utkal divas in odia together. If you give averages, also provide some measure of dispersion.

Writing a Paper in English Corpus Linguistics

You must also use the terminology correctly and consistently. In giving examples from your primary material, it is useful to number the examples as above. How do you decide what a discourse marker means? Distinctions are certainly not always clear-cut.

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The results of the analysis must also be interpreted. We can now deal with each parameter in turn, illustrating the main tendencies and commenting on any deviations from the main tendencies. The second example is a real problem.

When you quote, include essay glass ceiling much as is necessary, but no more. It is often useful to number the sections as in this paper. In addition to tables, you may wish to present figures or diagrams.

Make sure that there is a logical progression in your paper, without gaps in the argument. What is the effect of this or that construction?

We find, for example, that the four examples in Table 2 of V O part with a direct object consisting of three or more words are all definite and that the particle in three of the examples is followed by a prepositional phrase indicating direction, as in: Quirk et al.

The working title of your term paper could be "What factors determine the placement of nouns and noun phrases as direct objects of phrasal verbs?

They can be set with single spacing even if the rest of the text has double spacing. For example, where do you draw the line between adjective and verb with forms ending in -ed and -ing e. First you present the results of your study of the primary material, and then you analyse them.

If your paper includes many tables and figures, include a list of these.

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It is often natural to skip the introduction and write the main body of the paper first. Give a brief, critical survey of earlier work dealing with your subject.

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Can we find a deeper explanation for the regularities observed? Make sure the title of the paper reflects its aim and scope. Judgements have to be made at each stage of the investigation, and these should be reflected in the written paper.

In the process of the analysis we discovered another important factor: The references may be divided into two sections, one for primary sources, and one for secondary sources. State your purpose in greater detail and tell the reader what aspect you intend to investigate as well as what will be left out. Table 5.

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What patterns can you see? And what about examples like these from the LOB Corpus: Table 3literal vs.

Qualify your statements as appropriate, but note that too much hedging becomes ludicrous: How to write a term paper in English linguistics. How do they fit in with previous knowledge about the language? If our results are to be of real value, we should try to generalize beyond our data and find deeper explanations for the regularities observed.

What can be taken for granted?

Corpus Linguistics and Discourse Analysis

If your paper is long, you may add a separate contents page. Under this heading you list your sources in alphabetical order according to the author's surname. Do we recognize have off as a phrasal verb?

Ethical standards in writing a research paper

When you quote or paraphrase from somebody else's work, always give a reference to your source. Throughout the paper, give references to relevant sources. Such searches can be easily done using a program like WordSmith Tools.

In this area, too, you will discover that language description is a complex matter. Table 2Structure of object NP, including definiteness cf. Aim and scope. Be careful in using numbers.