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Beware they may be looking for you to dig a hole for yourself to invalidate your conclusions and analysis. Comment on and Justify Your Research methodology. Relate your study to current trends in your environment, office, economy, government, schools, church etc. During your defense you will have to persuade your audience that your research paper has been done well and that your findings are both valid and important to your field. If you fail in this your paper may be rejected or you may be tasked with making additional research or changes to your paper. Why did you select the research methodology that you used?

In general you have to state whether data was gotten from primary or secondary source or both.

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Why are your research questions interesting or important? Briefly explain the outcome of your study. Why is your research in this area important? What factors lead individuals who visit online shops to ultimately make their purchases in a traditional store?

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Your variables are present in your project topic. Feel free to add yours in the comment box below. This is one question that has not changed over the years. This is easily done by identifying issues around you that are not yet researched and highlighting them out as filled with prospects for future research.

This is the part where your method, contextual analysis or any special model or conceptual framework that was utilized as part of the investigation should be used to defend it. They can also provide you with a full coaching support to practice the many questions that you will be able to answer as well as those that you cannot.

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Relate your study to current trends in your environment, office, economy, government, schools, church etc. Do not state financial reasons or the need to graduate as a motivation as you may easily go off point.

Do you have any closing comments? Use of relevant examples and illustrations will score you good point here.

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And this is one reason why I have always advised that while writing your research your abstract should never be taken for granted. The question is basic right? Why did you choose this particular research methodology over others that were available?

What is the scope of the study?

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What is the practicability of your research? Your ability to convey technical information from the study will score you good points here.

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You can point out obvious mistakes like grammatical errors and typographies but do not ever pick a hole in your method or statistics. Can you suggest possible questions and answers that will be asked when defending a dissertation or thesis paper?

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Explain your short essay on myself in sanskrit methodology to them and the reason behind your choice of that method. What advice would you give to anyone undertaking a similar thesis? Not every member of the panel is likely to have read your paper even if they were meant to; while others may have scanned it with a magnifying glass looking for issues to raise.

You must be able to convince the committee members that your approach is unique and it has covered areas where much have not been done by other researchers. What is the significance of the study?

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If you follow this example you have already identified a knowledge gap Question 9: This one is a cheap or should I say bonus question? You will score good points here trust me. Based on your findings in a manageable scope, you should be able to suggest future research areas in line with your study. Questions like, what should we expect on the D-Day?

To answer this question all you have to most important person in your life essay is to give them a summary of the research, at this stage your abstract is your friend.

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Example of a neutral question What reasons may lead Denmark to close its borders? Tips For Writing. So as usual, Enjoy! Well this is a part of the academic research project defense process that gets diabetes case study nursing students students choking for words. You must, make recommendations.

How will this study contribute to the body of knowledge? What exactly is the problem here, why is it significant enough to invest time in creating a solution?

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In essence you should know your recommendations off hand. The question needs an answer in form of a summary of the entire study, therefore, to ace this particular question you need to know every detail in your abstract. Always limit yourself to one question.

Without this, there is no dissertation! Ethical questions determine what is right or wrong, which is not a goal of research. Anyways the question is simple, but a bit technical.

Identifying common themes and patterns? Prepare yourself as best you can for the questions and dare I say, ccea gcse home economics coursework and enjoy it!

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Please use this guide to assess yourself to see if you are actually ready for your research defense. What type of background research have you done for the study? Not being able to answer these questions or answering them poorly is not going to help you pass. All the best! Also know how your data was analysed and the various tools used for the analysis.

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The exploration of the relationships between characters through time, the past haunting the present and the way in which history and culture is revealed through the past are important devices used to show the emotions and further the plot Every individual has moments when they feel like giving up, unable to cope.

The evidence you will be selecting for your work is defended by the dimension of the work you have undertaken. Your ability to justify your sample size and technique will be highly rewarded here.

Your zeal to solve this problem becomes your motivation.

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Question 7: This is another straightforward however precarious inquiry. You have to sum up your entire study in a few sentences and remember the technical terms you have mentioned n your research because that is what your examiner wants to hear from you.

What source of data was employed for the study? Be careful enough not to sell out yourself.

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To answer this academic research project defense question, you have to know everything about your research project from the first chapter to the last. Why did you decide to undertake this specific research? What is the singular idea on research proposal possible questions your paper is based?