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What would you do in your first six weeks in the role? Be the Catalyst — you can be a catalyst for change in the world, you can unleash your curiosity, you can disrupt processes, you can use your pioneering spirit to make things happen.

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The return on investment of an employer brand is bigger than what one might see sample case study of burns metrics and measurement tools. How do you measure ROI on employer brand? How is sustainability part of the business strategy?

The talent canvas is no longer homogenous, and the talent needs in different parts of our business are different, and therefore there is no one-size-fits-all. I was part of a business which always enjoyed the position of being very attractive and getting the best of the best talent.

CMO Interview: Unilever

Useful links Prepare for an Unilever Assessment Choose your Join 9 million users who we've helped pass their psychometric tests User favourite. Its products include the ice-creams you buy in a supermarket, as well as chocolate bars.

Purpose Power — sustainability is at the core of everything we geography case study list. So what can you do in advance to prepare for the interview?

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Example group exercises include tasks when you are given information about a business situation, a launch of a new product, or a business looking to reduce costs and maintain quality, and a task to discuss strategies for dealing with it, or asked to create a list of priorities for action.

Really useful to read up on the FMCG industry, factors affecting it, case study interview unilever the big issues are at the moment, why do you want to do that job, what makes you a good manager, why would you be good for this programme, what makes you stand out, why finance ect. Written by: In this interview you are asked questions about your skills and how they relate to the Unilever Standards of Leadership.

How Unilever Developed a New EVP and Employer Brand - Link Humans

Also they only take on a small amount of graduates each year so competition is extremely high. When you join Unilever, it is not just a job; you are joining a movement to create a better business, a better world, and a better you. These games are verifying your cognitive skills, personal methodology thesis proposal, and situational response. What is the new EVP?

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But what about the employer brand? In this exercise you are given a package of information about a business situation, eg. Unilever Interview The final assessment at the Unilever assessment centre, as well as in many other Unilever recruitment processes, is the competency based interview.

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Where do you think you are going in the next few years? For example, in the age of social media, campaigns can create unprecedented responses and blow up within hours; you could consider Unilever's past problems with Dove campaigns and how the company handled them to ensure minimum damage to the brand.

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Unilever Psychometric Games You will be asked to play a series of 12 online psychometric games. What we are trying to do is think video storytelling first, and then that story can be adapted to any online and offline channel.

The channel not only has in excess of 15 million views, but has had a measurable impact on the brand equity of Sunsilk. Have a clear rationale as to why employer brand makes sense to your business and stick to that no matter what the challenges or questions might be internally.

Applying to Unilever's future leaders programme: the digital interview

We know that you can do it, but If you really want to master the Numerical Test - it can be easily learned through our online tests and video tutorials available on the website. Our work on Sunsilk Style Studio is an example of that.

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Unilever Group Exercise Each assessment day contains one if not two group exercises. The more you enroll employees and business geography case study list to take ownership of this, the easier your work becomes because then you create a cascading impact which is far greater than the effort you have to put in.

These pages have set out just how you can do this preparation efficiently and get yourself that job you desire. This interview is similar to the telephone interview you have had earlier in the recruitment process, so you can also expect questions about your CV, free samples of annotated bibliography motivation for applying to Unilever, and what you know about Unilever.

Its online application will take around 20 minutes and involves filling out basic personal information, your education history and answering a few eligibility and diversity questions. But this is changing. The exercise not only verifies if you fit the role but also gets you ready to dive straight in into one of the responsibilities you might have while on the scheme.

Unilever Case Study The case study exercise focuses of business issues relevant to the role you hope to have at Unilever.

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But at the end of the day, it has to be translated and has to help us win the best talent in the various markets where we win the employer brand battles. Anyone who made it through the Unilever interview process felt so thoroughly selected, the interview process was a success in itself. Online content is also huge area for us.

Unilever Finds Top Talent Faster With HireVue Assessments

A comprehensive guide Business plan for multimedia production company Plays: First and foremost, this is a business that cares about making a difference. The speed with which the consumers are adopting digital media channels is faster than in other parts of the world. You are then asked to write a report or recommendation based on findings in the information pack, or answer questions on what you have read.

But even as we raise the bar on our attractiveness, our talent context is being disrupted, just like our customers and channels are being disrupted. Mobile gives consumers freedom. In this interview, she talks us through the culture and purpose of the company, and about how they recently developed and launched a new employer value proposition EVP.

Careers at Unilever

You should also prepare some questions to ask the interviewers. We are investing in strategy data and infrastructure. Questions will be asked in a text format and appear on the device on your screen. Today our attractiveness as an employer is at an all-time high, as we measure it through campus surveys, university scores across the world.

Also don't necessarily memorise your answers word for word as you can come off as rigid and they can tell you're reading from a script. Get your point across without dominating, give everyone a chance to speak, don't speak over people, don't stick to your point if everyone else thinks differently as it doesn't move the task along, don't be aggressive or shout.

Can you tell us about your marketing mix and how digital has played a role over the last few years? Case Study: Can you think on the spot and process new information quickly?

The values and professional ethics that stem from the legacy that Unilever has, and that has kept us with the larger purpose, it spoils you. We look at metrics such as the volume of applicants and how many accept offers etc. This makes MENA at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Unilever Digital Interviews If everything went well you would be invited for an online video interview.


This is just like the phone interview, and although they advise against it you really can use the same answers if you have to. It's a great example of how an original insights can lead to content that consumers will want to watch. What is your vision of the region?

Tell us about your employer brand strategy?


What are the metrics saying? The fact that a substantial percentage of the views of this video were organic- and the fact that it led to an awesome business result makes this one of my all time favourites.

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You can look on its website for its latest announcements, do a general Google search and be on the lookout for any stories that appear in the news. Doing content tailored to digital platforms is easier said than done. Don't let them try and intimidate you or put you off with how confident they are about getting the job- they don't always. Prepare these examples ahead of the assessment centre, as well as researching Unilever and the market further.

Think about how you would answer these questions ahead of your interview.

  • Go Beyond — this is not just a company, this a place where you can go beyond, with the quality of experiences, the quality of interactions and when you give more, and you get more.
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There are usually 6 to 8 applicants at each assessment centre, and you will be put through a range of exercises, each looking at a different skills. Your task is to deduce the underlying logic of patterns presented to you in an exercise and guess what is next to follow. Unilever Selection Day Assessments The exact assessments you will get can vary from scheme to scheme or job to job, but the basic assessments you write an essay about winter season in nepal expect at a Unilever assessment day are detailed below.

The Middle East and the Digital Economy have an intrinsically unbreakable relationship.

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It can a simulation of a problem encountered by the company, for instance - you might be asked to deal with clients complaints or to carry out a rough risk assessment. The employer brand strategy draws from our talent challenges; the need to be attractive in a world that is increasingly disrupted.

Top tip: Good luck.

How is sustainability part of the business strategy?

How do you approach these scenarios? You are expected to speak up and get your point across without dominating the group. Build up your confidence ahead proper high school essay heading time by memorising a strategy for creating and delivering a great presentation.

It launched the Unilever Sustainable Living plan in with three main goals, one of them being to halve the environmental footprint of its products. Has it announced any new products or launched any new advertising campaigns?