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Claim 2: The strengths of this position are [strength], [strength]. Alternatively, you could think of it as a court case in which you are presenting evidence and calling witnesses to try and convince the jury.

Challenge to your view.

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It is based on false premises. You should think about what structure suits the question that you are answering.

  • Claim 2:
  • Note that I have not given any of these reasons yet but I have made it clear which way I will be arguing.
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Analysing and evaluating: A topic sentence introduces a paragraph and makes it clear what that paragraph will be about. Thinking that one thing causes another just because they often occur together.

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Radford Ruether presents the convincing argument that Breaking down an argument into its base claims makes it much easier to analyse. If I chose to state my line of argument this way then I almost have a mini essay plan in my introduction.

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All you need do is confidently state your argument as fact. Misrepresenting an argument in order to make it easier to argue against.

And then criticise, counter-criticise, and in your conclusion state which position is most logical and stable as a philosophical argument. Give brief overview of all the ideas and how they fit together.

However, sometimes you might need to construct a scenario to illustrate the point.

The paragraph would then go on to explain this point further. A concluding sentence should usually link clearly back to the question and make it obvious how what you have written addresses the question. Basic structures: Thesis approach: You might want to use a more thematic approach.

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Your ultimate aim is to present a convincing case so aqa philosophy essay structure makes sense to make your intentions clear at the outset. Put simply, evaluating is saying which arguments are good and which are not.

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Set up the terms of the debate: Different questions require you to adapt your style to suit the demands of that question. You might be able to lab 1 homework descriptions of motion answers all the explanation you need in your thesis.

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If we stick with our sample question above we could state our line of argument as follows: You can adapt your topic sentences to make your own line of argument clear. You might be defending your thesis against the antithesis. Thematic approach: Fallacy of the general rule: You could say that sample personal statement science argument is based upon the premise that the gospels are an accurate portrayal of what Jesus said and did.

Introduction set out terms of debate and state line of argument. Concluding sentences: It may seem complex at first, but philosophy is all about demonstrating that you have really considered the ramifications of each argument and its strengths and weaknesses.

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It might help to think of it in terms of a debate in which the speakers alternate and try to rebut or refute each other's points as well as making sound points of their own. These include: A good couple of concluding sentences can make an irrelevant aside into a really good synoptic link! Consider the way the following sentences make the writer's i.

Pope John Paul II attempts to argue that Topic sentences: Try to identify the crux of the debate.

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Confusing correlation with causation: You will need to develop a solid structure and a critical, analytical style. This might then link nicely to a paragraph on the gospels and speculation about the place of women in Jesus' ministry.

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You could improve this further by giving an indication of the reasons why they have different opinions. The issue hinges upon different interpretations of key Biblical passages and debates about the significance of the maleness of Jesus and the disciples. The evidence for it is convincing i.

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Claim 2: The conclusions are coherent i. You might be supporting the antithesis if that is the side of the argument you have picked. Stating is not the same as explaining.

  • Your concluding sentences are the sentences at the end of paragraphs.

Assuming that something that is often true is always true.