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Notable filmmakers like Satyajit Ray, and Bimal Roy made movies which focused on the survival and daily miseries of the lower class. When comparing Hollywood and Bollywood there are more differences than similarities. Today, it is more common to hear of Indian made films being played in American and British theaters than it is to hear of American movies being Fourteen million people go to the movies in India on a daily basis, which is much more than the United States.

Bollywood makes movies in the languages of HindiUrdu and English. Origin s.

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The scope can be extended to many women centric movies made in various languages other than Hindi. Everything and everywhere which involves time should be made worth learning. Bollywood movies are often longer than those made in Hollywood.

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In Bollywood it is common for an individual star to work on as many as ten films at once. It was the first sound film in India. Shvetal in her article talks about the disappearances of Muslims culture from Bollywood movies.

They give these movies their popular appeal, cultural value and context.

The movie makes us realize the power of youth and what more you can do for your own country. When comparing Hollywood and Bollywood there are more differences than similarities.

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I want to take them into a franchise business plan world where there is no poverty, where there are no beggars, where fate is kind and god is busy looking after its flock.

Growth of Regional Films Not only did the country witness the growth of Hindi Cinema, but the regional film industry also made its own mark.

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Other Indian movies are made inside or outside of the Bollywood tradition. Basically the birth of modern Indian Film industry took place around What is Bollywood?

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In the United States it is common to hear of individual stars working on two or three films at once. Another reason to… Bollywood: Or are they an exaggeration of the existing system or maybe they are trying to teach us something?

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One can also include the earliest of the eras for a detailed comparison and in-depth study. Bollywood songs along with dances are a characteristic part of Hindi cinema. This film was made in double version. In the s new directors like Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen, and others focused on the real problems of the common man.

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A large Indian diaspora in English speaking countries, and increased Western influence at home, have moved Bollywood movies closer to movies made in Hollywood. This era put forth heart wrenching movies, filled with patriotic messages and a very clean concept of national progress.

Due to this fact, Bollywood has Songs are an integral part of Indian movies. Not only a comparison on the issues like gender and caste but also a comparison on other issues like lifestyle, costumes, movie posters etc can be done.

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It helps make the audience bigger. Often, poetic Urdu words are used; see also Lollywood Pakistan Cinema. One must belong to a very powerful school of thought if they want to achieve whatever they've thought and that by a streamlined process.

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Oh My God - More such movies that target the religious sentiments of the audience shall be made. Presence of songs has given Indian films a distinctive look as compared to international films. Movies give us more than just entertainment.

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There is also a growing number of movies which are in English. During this time, huge movie halls were built and there was a significant growth in the number of audiences. Iqbal's journey from a small village to the Indian Cricket Team is highly inspirational. Strangely, it was after Independence the censor board came into being and so did all the strictures.