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Although the tendency seemed to built up the whole plot, some dwellings started second stories without occupying open areas totally. The non-permanent structure was removed when the first permanent structure was built. Method of analysis 4. However, later inSilva showed the release of such rigid controls when he described the large number of changes found in the houses of the "El Roble Pilot Project" in his evaluation to the program Silva, J.

Summary of Research Findings 5. Consistent with these findings, dwellings built by their users according to prescribed plans and specifications changed spatial dimensions, layout and use of the write an essay on break time in school during construction.

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Finally, several households kept adding new areas to the dwelling either cover letter for hotel revenue manager increase the dwelling value or to assure a source of income for their future. Moreover, neither the plans of the initial dwellings nor the plans of any of the extensions were ever registered at any local authority, as was legally required.

Availability of Private Open Space The fact that the space used for dwelling growth was circumscribed by the plot limits facilitated the successive extensions made by households to their dwellings. Detailed Design Process and Alternative development 6.

Chapter 4: Summary of Findings

Factors inherent to the context facilitated continuity and freedom in the process of dwelling evolution that occurred at El Gallo. Front yards were less occupied, mostly for commercial purposes. Map Elements of the citation Issuing body Year of publication, Title of map — italicised, Series if availablePublisher, Place of publication.

Other design considerations that affected the process of progressive development were the dimensions of the internal spaces. Summary of Findings Introduction This chapter summarizes the general findings on the process of dwelling evolution observed at El Gallo.

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In summary, the evolution followed by dwellings was, in fact, a product of a progressive development process. During the first stages of growth measured in this study, the addition of extra bedrooms was responsible for a fair part of the area increase. Design Proposal 6. Additions of this kind were made to obtain extra habitable space.

Their internal layout also prevented continuous additions toward the backyard without affecting light and ventilation of existing spaces. Among the three different designs offered to households, people chose the one that facilitated backyard extensions.

Proposed Master Plan 6. Inlocal authorities of Ciudad Guayana were not prepared to supervise the kind of construction activity going on at El Gallo. This tolerant situation could be described as being almost identical to that found in irregular unplanned settlements.

Steffian Instead, dwellings of group B had no problem making consecutive rear additions. The following section explains factors that influenced this process and its outcome. When the cover page for an essay writing formally produced basic dwellings were compared group A and group Bthe importance of the permanent dwelling's design became especially clear.

The way dwelling area was increased in the three groups was not substantially different along their stages of evolution, suggesting that households had a similar capacity of cover letter for hotel revenue manager.

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Method of analysis 4. As stated earlier, enlarging these spaces by joining adjacent areas, often resulted in oversized rooms even compared to the self-produced dwellings. Finally, existing or newly added rooms were rented to tenants. Dwellings of group A left narrow side yards on which extensions were seldombuilt.

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Web page Elements of the citation Author s of page — person or organisation Year page created or revisedTitle of page - italicised, description of document if applicablename of the sponsor of the page if applicableviewed date-in-full, URL. Answers given to Jury Members 7. Case studies method etc. In general terms, dwellings of groups A, B and even C were built with conventional use-layouts which group D replicated.

However, in the stages that followed, permanent structures were continuously modified by additions and general maintenance technician cover letter modifications that often made the first dwelling unrecognizable.

According to the dimensions of evolution observed in this study, identifiable patterns of evolution were found for permanent structures in the three different group studies of the sample; architecture thesis chapter 4 is, area, spatial structure and use-layout changed in an identifiable sequence in dwellings of similar original characteristics. Finally, the basic units produced by the housing agencies were the smallest.

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Finally, the connection with additions could only be made through the kitchen area unless other walls were removed. Book Elements of the citation Author s of book — family name and initials Year of publication, Title of book — italicised, Edition, Publisher, Place of publication.

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However, while in groups C and D dwellings were being enlarged with additions to generate income, dwellings of groups A and B were enlarging and accommodating many of the small existing areas to household functional requirements. Chapter 4: To show how controls were eased, it can be said that confrontations did take place between the local housing authority and loan program participants who did not follow the exact plans and specifications for construction.

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Brief Presented to the Jury 7. At this time, front bedrooms were transformed into small shops, or grocery stores were added in the front and side yards. The sequence of additions suggests the general pattern of household priorities.

The result was larger spaces and different layouts, but this also contributed to reduce the number of modifications made in these dwellings after construction. Backyards were considerably reduced, and in many cases, side yards disappeared.

Additions and modifications of this kind were made to adapt existing spaces to the spatial standards of the households. The functional layout also evolved differently according to the type of dwelling.

Dwellings with the highest user-participation level were the largest first permanent structures and were also enlarged but not modified after being built. If they want, they can live here with their families. Interpretation of Research Findings into Design Brief 5. Instead, dwellings politika essay group B allowed continuous extensions toward the back and on the side yards.

The user's preference for designs allowing for extension is seen in group C. Design Philosophy, Concepts and its Justification Chapter 6: At the same time modifications in formally produced dwellings groups A andB were made to enlarge existing areas of kitchens, dining rooms and living rooms.

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The first section summarizes how dwelling evolution occurred at El Gallo, the second identifies aspects that influenced the process of progressive development of dwellings at El Gallo, and the last section describes the general aspects of the housing produced at El Gallo.

The reduced kitchens of formally produced dwellings were almost immediately rearranged to include other functions such as dining and social gathering. Following is the style of references that may be followed in the thesis report. At several stages, additions and modifications were made in several dwellings to generate extra income.

Laundry areas were enlarged or added for washing as an income-generating activity. Avenues for further research in future 8: Factors that were inherent to dwellings caused the incremental differentiation in the process of evolution and the houseform that resulted from this process even in those dwellings that had similar origins.

Justification of Design Brief 5. Posted by. Retrospective Prospective Study or Before and After study 3. Yes, maybe the house is too big just for us, case study production material management see, this is all I will leave to my sons. I have nothing else for them It is true that the engineer's inspector argued forcefully that the published plans made more sense; but the owner had to go to a lot of time and expense in changing a house which was almost finished, just because he preferred his own room arrangement to that of the architect" Peattie, R.

Progressive development, however, did not occur similarly in all dwellings.

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Houseform at El Gallo is the combination of the spatial responses to these needs with the limitations imposed by the factors mentioned in the last section. In basic dwellings produced according to official essay on why physical education is important, users were introduced after the unit was built.

Master Planning Process and Alternatives Development 6. Turner and J.

4.1 Dwelling Evolution at El Gallo

Dwellings were continuously adapted to the household's specific characteristics, changing priorities and emerging needs. Changes of these spaces often resulted in oversized areas; for instance, a small living room and a bedroom were joined in a long and narrow living room. Extreme cases built on almost all the sqm plot. As progressive developments, dwellings reflected household needs.

In summary, even when El Gallo was not a product of a laissez-faire policy, the predominant conditions of flexible controls increased the freedom to make the dwelling grow.

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The result is the growing diversity of El Gallo despite the common origins of many dwellings. Method of data presentation 3.

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These changes were made to increase the size of the space and to modify the location or spatial arrangement of the space. However, users modified the proposed plan while the dwelling was being built, thus saving time and resources.

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For other households, the house was a means to elevate the housing entry level of later generations Caminos, H. Consequently, its design was determinant for further interventions. The non-permanent structure was removed when the first permanent structure was built.

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In the three groups of dwellings observed, the number and size of existing bedrooms became insufficient to accommodate the growing size of the industrial accident case study ppt. Patent Elements of the citation Author s of patent — family name and initials Year of issue, Title of patent- italicised, Number of patent including country of issue. This initial dwelling was not considerably enlarged nor improved with permanent materials while it was used, although several dwellings were considerably small, and families lived in some of them for up to 16 years.

Eventually, official pressure ceased and users were left with a great dealof freedom in building their dwellings. Most of the users handled this problem by making partial or detached additions that minimally affected the rear openings of the existing structure.