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While enough has been said about the pitfalls awaiting the married man, there is also much to say in favor of such a situation. They agreed in when is the right moment to bring children to this world, just depending in the economic situation. In return, they nevertheless have to behave in the same way toward their wives, expressing interest and concern for their daily problems. Single persons do not need to worry much about finances. Forbes Magazine, n. Most of all, I didn 't want a relationship with a man ever again.

Finally, lifestyle which is a significant difference present in single people and married people. I 'd professed my new-found joy with my neighbor who said, "Look out.

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They do not have to be supportive to anyone; in return, no one has to offer them emotional support and help. Most of the time, they have to meet their ups and downs alone. According to the US.

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Forbes Magazine, n. I loved my life. Even more important is the difference in love and emotional support received by a single man versus the married one. A husband will depend on his wife, and a wife will depend on her husband.

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Staying Single or Getting Married? In addition, being single differ to being married, finances are big problems with being married while finances is easy for being single. Some say that single people have more satisfying sex than married people.

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Thus, being a married person does benefit people more than being a single person. Married people have to manage their money or expenses gently and economically every day.

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There are two major differences between married life and single life which are the difference in their freedom and responsibilities. While single people only think himself, married people think their partners and children.

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The main problem with single parenting happens to be time management. Although single parents face a thousand challenges, they are also able to obtain many benefits.

Being Single and Being Married Essay

Supportiveness can be achieved only from their parents and their friends. This has changed the lives of the people and also their lifestyles.

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While, married people have to plan the same activities with more time because their schedule is more complicated. Being single makes many relationships and has many friends. This is true for successful marriages, however, since in health promotion officer cover letter unfortunate relationship the husband may lack adequate understanding and have to face even a greater emotional burden than the one a single man has to carry.

I n conclusion, the differences between being single and being married are times, finances and relationships. Information Brief. Retrieved July 17, Wikipedia.


Every morning waking up, doing house work calling to friends or case study playing monopoly microsoft to shopping is the life of single. Freedom A.

Freedom A.

Firstly, Lifestyle is the first difference between single and married case study playing monopoly microsoft lives. In this paper, we will try to define in what ways the lives of married and single men can be similar or different. This brings one to the discussion of the legal aspects of marriage.

They have to take care of each other and if they have children things would become a lot more complicated.


While being married the decisions involve both people in the relationship, making difficult things easier to bear. I soaked up yoga, meditation, and had a spiritual awakening.

The time for the family as teaching, taking care of child, cooking or housework is one of the conditions required in marriage. The contrasts between being married with a family and being single are freedom, communication….

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According to statisticians Bernard Cohen and I-Sing Lee, people who are married have a longer life than unmarried people. Nobody will command them not to sleep late, not to watch movie too much and so on; and single people can live a free life too.

However, this case is not always right, sometimes it is reversed.

Folsh points out that there were hundreds of people from varying backgrounds at the convention author's last name, year, p.

Based on the statistics, last year Marriage is no longer a top priority in this day and age. According to Chestnut Financial's Valerie Adelman, most singles spend a lot of their money on luxuries like buying clothes and membership fees on the fitness center.

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Single Life Nowadays people who are single or married have a lot of reasons for their choice. However, that is a serious problem if single person do not have a good relationship.

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Nobody will command them not to sleep late, not to watch movie too much and so on and being single or married essay on. I had my children and didn 't want any more kids. According to the National Crime Victimization survey, two thirds of women have been abused by their boyfriend and former husband being single or married essay not by their intimate partner.