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The epic poem of Beowulf has travelled through centuries to grace the hearts of those who believe themselves to be virtuous. In this essay I am most grateful to talk about my true hero in my life and forever will be my hero. Just personal writing assignment on vacation in north mississippi, nh. This hero may be an athlete, an actor, a friend, or a historical figure; but just like Targan in True Grit, my hero is who I think of as a hero. Heros always have people to look up to him and will always excel when the going gets treacherous.

Every parent in essay on my mom as a hero world should realize that they are doing something good.


You are free, for example, to publish your work in print or online elsewhere, and to enter it into other contests, whether or not you win a prize in this contest. My Personal Hero Essay My Personal Hero Everyone has someone they look up to and want to be just like one day and everyone has different opinions and who a true hero is.

  • She was the only one in her family to go to college, and to graduate as a registered nurse.
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She worked a full-time job while attending school, to pay her way through college. This ability to influence others is extraordinary and yet it can be so easily misused.

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She really does make cancer look so easy. My mom has taught me to deal with many curve balls that have been thrown my way.

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When I was a essay on my mom as a hero both of my parents inspired me, nevertheless, my mother is my inspiration. Words cannot even express the love I have for her, and how blessed I am to have such an amazing mother.

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Education is abdus sattar and costco tells mo to a few of others. They help any way that they can. We moved to washing the summer before sixth grade year for me and my first year was a breeze, I absolutely loved…. It is what makes a hero that guides us in our lives, but there are many deceptions of heroes.

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That is a fine definition for books and intellectual minds. By studying hard, and having dedication with this class, I was able to succeed.

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Please contact This I Believe, Inc. She has blessed me with a great life and I am forever thankful for all she does for me.

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I thought highly of him because he seemed dashing, brave and handsome. This past October my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. All of these thoughts started running through my head about how hard this was going to be and that the outcome could be bad, but then I started to think about how strong she was and that she was going to get through this and beat cancer.

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Once into high school the separation grew larger, as I got older, her time for her boyfriends grew larger and I was left alone. Or is it something more. A hero has a few traits that make them so great and stand out like the perfect apple at the top of a tree, heroes must be selfless willing to put others above themselves in everything they dopatient able to take a step back and be willing to waitand modesty to be free from vanity My mom is an ICU nurse holding the rank as a captain and my dad was a warrant officer who worked on electronics before he retired.

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So, give momma a nice pat on the back the next time she wakes up at 3 A. Who, or what, can be classified as heroic.

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