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A student desiring to enter the program should present a thirty-hour undergraduate major with a grade-point average of at least 3. The collection consists of 14 lush and rowdy stories of folks who are struggling to make sense of the twenty-first century. And many writers organize independent workshops, leading to a lot of cross-fertilization. Stuart Dybek, a stalwart of WMU's writing program, authored the story collections Coast of Chicago and I Sailed With Magellan, which both find the surreal in the grittiness of urban landscapes. We invite writers of all ages and cultures to help us delve into this theme and look forward to reading your work.


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    Readers have been impressed by the quality of writing as well as the prominent poets and writers included in the anthology. The reading is at 7 p. In his opinion, desirable to create a brand called Ed Hardy and use art as a major selling point for the brand.

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    They carry a great deal of fiction and poetry and regularly bring in writers for events. The brand is named after the famous American tattoo artist Ed Hardy.

    Deadline for submissions: Questions how favorable was this openstax book is available for free at cnx. He raised hundreds of millions of dollars for rebuilding, renewal, and scholarship, and still managed to get to know a lot of students on a first-name basis at a school with 25, undergrads.

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    The southwest Michigan hub, home to Western Michigan University and Kalamazoo College, has quietly become a thriving literary town that cultivates extraordinary readers and writers whose accomplishments are attracting national attention. Within and around the city are numerous lakes and parks, and the unique beaches of Lake Michigan's eastern coast are an hour's drive through farmland, vineyards, and apple orchards.

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    We invite writers of all ages and cultures to help us delve into this theme and look forward to reading your work. But I find Kalamazoo an ideal place to live and write," Cedilnik says by e-mail.

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    Ryan Garza, Detroit Free Press "I'll get in trouble for saying this, but great writing rarely comes from people above the middle class, unless maybe in the 19th Century," Campbell says. It keeps us considering the other side.

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    Other than that, let your choice of project be your guide. University of Chicago Press.

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    The successful MFA candidate should develop research and critical skills and a sound background in literature. It has a low cost of living, some crime downtown and wealthier suburbs.

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