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Sometimes some lessons are better learned from a crisis in our life as Willa Cather said: And to find the most important moment of all those moments is a hard thing to do for most of them. One of the toughest of those situations is the death of a loved one. These individuals spend millions of dollars on clothes, cars, houses, accessories, and electronics when some struggle to even afford basic necessities like food. So we began to eat those delicious homemade meals and then moved to have some cakes, and sweets as one real family. After experiencing a gut wrenching sadness typically on the emotional spectrum there is no way to go but up.

Sadness is as much part of the life as happiness is.

The woman How to cite this page Choose cite format: This will make you happy. Our friends are always ready to hold our hands at such sad moments. Sadness is the foundation of happiness. These are the truth of. One of these moments happened in high school during my senior year.

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One can only close himself in a room and think of the good things they have achieved with friends. They are as humans as you and I am. Because happiness is an emotion along with sadness, and they are felt by situational circumstances that vary.

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Greed is a black hole for happiness. But then there was the next game a couple months later and the joy happy and sad moments essay happiness that I felt playing the game again I believe was because of the fact I had experienced the sadness that accompanies a devastating loss.

Every emotion has its own importance and essence, we should learn to appreciate the creation of God as we are one of them. Professional C. Why do I need the smiling face?

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Be happy And sometimes, to our blinking incomprehension, that distance can only be measured in the space between this life dissertation ideas for criminology and criminal justice the next Senior I do wanna know the reason. Writing and Reading Across The Curriculum. I can say that music has become part of my life. Embrace your tears as much as you embrace your smiles.

So here it goes. When my life becomes tough I happy and sad moments essay rock bottom in most situations.

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They are giving ways to become happy and how to fade away this sadness. Shiloh Ga What was your family like? At any moment happiness and sadness can strike. It had been a year since I made College Abdillah my second home. Without these two things, our lives seem like meaningless. By saving water we would be saving the lives of plants, animals and mankind.

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Introducing who is Su Body: While happiness may shadow the true value of these things because of the positive outlook on happy and sad moments essay happiness brings. Do not get me wrong 3.

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I guess the moment of failure that I will choose to write about, is the moment I decided to not believe in myself. When one door of happiness closes, another one will open as long as happy and sad moments essay individual doesnt become lost in the journey of sadness. Suddenly, a friend of mine started fighting with a big guy.

Like during the aftermath of losing in the state tournament with my high school soccer team, the sadness that was felt was something I will never forget.

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  • Without one the other would not exist.

If people are not working hard, they might be abandoned by society. People feel happy holding hands together especially in sad moments, for example, a funeral. I believe in God, if God has given me tears and sadness there may be a reason behind that. My life is a rollercoaster of continuous highs and lows.

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My favorite painting essay Ebooks and texts canadian libraries university of toronto — john m kelly library poetry and prose being essays on modern english. They both loved her so much and you can tell it broke my mom some. There are moments when friends are the only people who can encourage and make us laugh; these are what are defined in this article as happy moments with friends.

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Because the whole world wants to see my shining teeth and not the salty water falling down my cheeks. Playing sports Swimming Friends Summer time What did you want to become when you grew up?

  1. The only way to be the happiest person is not to suppress the emotion of yours.
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Why do I see sadness as a disease to be cured while happiness as a gift of life? The answer to this question is because that moment of happiness is one of the most precious moments in life.

Our real friends will always be willing to give a smile. Without these two things, our lives seem like meaningless.

It makes the hot sun, or freezing winter a little bit more bearable. In many cases, emotions can come as unexpected. In many cases there will be disciplinary action needed in order to formulate the necessary morals of life.

Work Cited Kingwell, Mark.

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To give a taste to the recipe, I need to put all the emotions in the plate of life. For children, however, dreams and wishes are an active part of their fantasies, because they are innocent, naive, and life is easy when you are little. I can be angry, but that does not mean that it is all I feel and it does not mean that I am out of control. God has made me and wants me to be human so why sometimes I try to become the god.

Suffering is a part of us.

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Introduction II. With this changed mindset I have build how to write an essay in toefl ibt for every moment. Sadness is also something that helps people to realize what they have.

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Our real friends will always be willing to buchanan thesis of public debt a smile. Games in our life sports and games are mental and physical activities people play games for their fitness and enjoyment in life if we play games in our spare time, we can get benefit from them: Smile and laugh Is it bad to be sad or is it as shameful to human beings as showing our naked body as if we are showing our naked souls through these emotions.

It will never be erased out of our mind and we will always remind of it for the rest beauty by jane martin thesis statement our life. Though, one thing is certain: Day after day, like a tumor Was it the day I met my future husband?