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It brings relief to men, animals, birds, plants, and trees. Plants, trees and creepers get new leaves. The Government has to help the people by giving relief to them. We went back home jumping and dancing in rain.

Finally I reached the school gates half an hour late. In this season we enjoy eating naturally ripen sweet mangoes.

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We came back after some time. Roads become muddy. However, it is so sad that it stays only for three months.

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I generally, take snaps of the greenery environment and other things to catch all the memories in my camera. They get a jail creative writing to stay home and play in the rain with their siblings and friends.

Essay on My Fondest Memory of Rainy Day — Essay 3 words Introduction Monsoons in India are welcomed with joy as rains provide fresh and breezy atmosphere after the sunny climate.

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After all, the rainy season is mostly liked by everyone. The everyday world that seems so conventional and colorless suddenly turns so diverse, refreshing, colorful and magical. Rainy day for them means a day full of fun.

Long and Short Essay on Rainy Day in English

They work hard and grow food for the nation. Last year I went to the Nainital and had amazing experiences. There is a risk of flood in the rainy season if it rains heavily. I walk up to the seashore to relish a day like this in my white dress.

The sky was covered with dark clouds, and soon it began to rain. The rainy weather is conducive to us. In this period the sky looks cloudy.

My ideal rainy day would be sitting by the window and watching rain, catching some droplets of rain and feeling the chilly breeze on my cheeks. Conclusion So my idea of rainy day is to spend my day with my family and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Dark clouds marching in the sky and showering the droplets of rain, trees rinsing and dancing with charming bliss, dark and gloomy day gleaming our hearts, frogs popping here and there, kids jumping with joy in the muddy pools of water, beautiful peacocks spreading feathers and dancing to compose an art attracting their mates, farmers sway with cheer and new hopes gleaming their eyes — everyone essay maker tagalog to celebrate the joy of rains.

The aroma of hot cookies in the chilled weather, spells some kind of magic on me.

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The melodies of droplets make me sway along with the beat. If the rain is heavier, many parents refrain from sending their kids to the school. White dress, as I like the contrast it gives, the dark weather and a white dress is a pretty combination and I love it.

  • An Ideal Rainy Day A rainy day is loved by everyone.
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  • On the other hand, a pleasant rainy day uplifts the mood automatically.
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  • A Rainy Day Essay English School Students

Everyone gets a respiration of relief and comfort. Sometimes, it causes too much inconvenience to the skin health. It impacts our lives essay on life cycle of silkworm some way or the other.

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