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The Soviet Union left its negative print on Kazakh history and on its language; because of these issues, the Kazakh language is under threat. Gradually, the role of the Russian language has increased as an international communication language. It is the ninth largest country in the world in size and popular central Asian adventure destination. Kazakh, Russian and English.

One major phd thesis on iris recognition has been the reduction of the number of kindergartensdue to the lack of state funding and virtually non-existence of private sources of money.

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This roughly corresponds to what is called in the USA, junior high school, or middle school. All courses are taught in English and there are degrees available in technical subjects, the humanities, and economics.

Supervised by the Ministry of Education, the educational system consists of the kindergarten, primary education, lower secondary education, higher secondary education, and higher education.

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Private universities, typically for-profit institutions, are subject to the same regulations regarding curriculum but are free to set tuition and salaries as they see fit. The primary education is free to all six-year old citizens and starting from year one, lasts five years in primary schools owned by the government. Lycees provide basic vocational education to prepare students for skilled professions and includes general academic education.

Another big issue was that the introduction of Swedish immersion program lead to intense discussion of the idea. Analysis of the results showed that a majority of the 7th grade students have a basic or good level of knowledge of all the languages.

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The country also has colleges that provide general and advanced vocational education, and lycees that offer basic vocational education to prepare students for skilled jobs. Each of us is qualified to a high level in our area of expertise, and we can write you a fully researched, fully referenced complete original answer to your essay question. According to NewTimes. After Finland gained its independence, Swedish became the official language, according to the Finland constitution.

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Supposedly, all Kazakh people speak Kazakh but this information has never been confirmed by official sources. There are UK writers just like me on hand, waiting to help you. Some courses are required for a variety of majors and there is a possibility of switching majors but typically classes do not transfer to the new major and the student is expected to reenter in the new major as a first year.

However, in big cities there are so-called special schools, offering more in depth studies of the major European languages English, French, German or the advanced courses in physics and mathematics and children, attending one of this may have to commute from home. This paper aims to analyze the status of Kazakh language. As of the Budget Law, colleges are state-owned and self-financed.

The higher secondary education is subsidized by the government and is divided into three tracks.

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The kindergarten is for children of at least five years of age who are taught appropriate Kazakh and Russian lessons for one year. Its Kazakhstan campus is located in Tekeli.

Public funding of education[ edit ] Students who have not received general upper secondary education have the academic portion of their program financed by the state. Perhaps for these reasons, the majority of the Kazakh creative intelligentsia did not speak foreign languages.

Initial training school prepares students for a particular profession. Whether general or vocational, higher secondary education is provided free of charge, as it is included in the budget allocated to education by the government.

The Soviet Union replaced Arabic charters with Cyrillic and it hugely impacted the Kazakh literacy and national culture.

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Kindergarten Length of program in years: One of them is Finland. Kazakhstan can learn a lot from Finland because it shares similar aspects of history and language. Currently, the majority of university courses on offer are five-year degrees. The Russian influence on the Kazakh language graphically, lexically, and stylistically, changed some of the Kazakh vowels etc.

Understands dialogue at a rapid pace and determines the views of the speaker.

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Kazakh or Russian language, chemistry, literature, mathematics, history, foreign language, first language, physics and biology. It also prepares children for primary education. In andimmersion graders participated in a questionnaire where they were asked which languages they use in different situations.

This educational level covers grades 5 to 9. The immersion schools used the content-based approach for English or German. Classes typically run in two sessions, from 8 until 1 and from 2 until 7, with students either going to class in the morning or in the afternoon. Training of secondary school teachers Secondary school teachers are trained at universities.

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Graduates may go on to university or may begin working. Students reported that they use all of the tree languages during their class time. Kazakhstan is located between Russia and Chinese and it was part of the Soviet Union.

The lower secondary education, or the Junior High School in some Western countries, is offered from Grade 5 to the ninth year in a general education curriculum having subjects of history, literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and foreign language like English.

Education Profile of Kazakhstan Preschool Education Children at the age of 5 may attend kindergarten education. Primary education lasts for four years preceded by one year pf pre-school education. In the new system, a PhD is conferred after two to three years' further study beyond the Master's Degree. However, research facilities have suffered from a lack of funding for several years, so further investment in research and development is essential to improve the quality of education within the country.

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The curriculum for both primary and secondary school is established by the Ministry of Education, with little choice left up to the individual schools. Kazakh as an term paper writing service reviews language and Russian as an international communicative language. Most of the primary schools in Kazakhstan are state-owned.

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Admission Requirements Students are required to complete their higher secondary education in order to gain admittance into the higher education in Kazakhstan. In principle, however, all compulsory education primary and secondary is provided free of charge.

Representatives of Kazakh intellectual elite rightly opposed the Russification of the Kazakh language, including the excessive amount of borrowing from the Russian language, suggesting instead to borrow from other languages, particularly Turkic. English became a very important part of the curriculum because it is the language of the 21st century.

Search our thousands of essays: Education for the nation as a whole made up Doctoral Cover letter sample work and travel — typically a five-year program Universities are usually headed by a rector, appointed by the President of Kazakhstan, who wields considerable authority over the institution, approving all decisions including those regarding curriculum, personnel, and admission.

For the Finnish students it was mandatory to choose one of the official languages. The Russian government opened many schools and universities in Kazakhstan with the Russian language and Soviet ways of teaching. Education in kz essay Links. The Doctor of Sciences Doktor Nauk is awarded after the Kandidat Nauk after completion of a thesis based on original research.

Master's degree: Full-time postgraduate studies Aspirantura leading to the qualification of Candidate of Sciences Kandidat Nauk normally last for three years. The first stage of education in Kazakhstan is elementary or primary school for grades one through four.

Under Arab-Muslim influence, Kazakhstan began to use Arabic script and the first Kazakh language was written using the Arabic alphabet. Gradually, the role of the Russian language has increased as an international communication language. University level first stage: That in turn affected the quality of Kazakh literature, journalism and science.

Thesis ecology course of study lasts for 3 to 4 years. The Condition of Higher Education in Kazakhstan Higher education in Kazakhstan is comprised of higher secondary school, vocational training, and university education. However, both schools used the same content oriented teaching style for learning English.

There are four levels of tertiary education in Kazakhstan: There are initial training schools and lycees.

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At present, there are universities, academies, and institutes, conservatoires, higher schools and higher colleges. If this essay isn't quite what you're looking for, why not order your own custom Education essay, dissertation or piece essay female education coursework that answers your exact question?