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Then you look up a book written in with information on how sperm whales have been portrayed in other forms of art, such as in Alaskan poetry, in French painting, or on whale bone, as the whale hunters in the late 19th century used to do. As you read widely but selectively in your topic area, consider instead what themes or issues connect your sources together. It is important to be careful in noting the references already at this stage, so as to avoid misattributions. This means that you will not just simply list your sources and go into detail about each one of them, one at a time.

First, cover the basic categories Just like most academic papers, literature reviews also must contain at least three basic elements: The reader should note, however, that there might be instances in which the practice of citing sources that were not read may be acceptable.

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Recent work has begun to challenge this paradigm and argue for more varied approaches to understanding the socio-political relations between nation and nature. Are there weaknesses that need to be addressed?

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Find a Logical Structure Like a well-baked cake, a good review has a number of telling features: Debates, conflicts and contradictions: This means that you will not just simply list your sources and go into detail about each one of them, one at a time. You can use it to discuss various theories, models, and definitions of key concepts.

the main reason for including citation in literature review is critical thinking requires learning

Questions for Further Research: Choose the Type of Review You Wish to Write After having taken notes while reading the literature, you will have a rough idea of the amount of material available for the review.

For instance, the review might examine whaling from pre,and When searching the literature for pertinent papers and reviews, the usual rules apply: With reviews, the usual subdivision of research papers into introduction, methods, results, and discussion does not work or is rarely used.

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  • A literature review in this sense is just like any other academic research paper.
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  • For systematic reviews, there is a trend towards including information about how the literature was searched database, keywords, time limits [20].

In addition, even though we may have read about those same details via secondary sources, these may have inadvertently slanted or distorted important details of the work, particularly if the material in question is of a controversial nature. Mills, M. Do they reveal a trend in the field?

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Interestingly, factual errors, albeit mostly minor in scope, concerning the story of Little Albert continue to be found in introductory texts that cover this material Harris, Discuss what you have drawn from reviewing literature so far. In summarizing the contents of this landmark paper, the author relies on his recollection of its contents based on his prior reading of the paper and on summaries published by others.

Rule 1: Define a Topic and Audience

Then your review would have subsections according to eras within this period. A methodological approach differs from the two above in that the focusing factor usually does not have to do with the content of the material.

A methodological scope will influence either the types of documents in the review or the way in which these documents are discussed. But this is the nature of science [27] — [32]. Upper Saddle River, N.

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Be careful when taking notes to use quotation marks if you are provisionally copying verbatim from the literature. As you read widely but selectively in your topic area, consider instead what themes or issues connect your sources together.

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However, bias could also occur how to lead a happy life essay the other direction: Above all, always indicate to the reader the actual source of the information being reported. A mini-review is not necessarily a minor review: It is however advisable to reread the draft one more time before submission, as a last-minute correction of typos, leaps, and muddled sentences may enable the reviewers to focus on providing advice on the content rather than the form.

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  4. When systematic reviews analyse quantitative results in a quantitative way, they become meta-analyses.
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Based on your reading and notes, you can look for: However, other studies have shown that even gender-neutral antecedents are more likely to produce masculine images than feminine ones Gastil, Here is a sample paragraph from a literature review about sexism and language to illuminate the following discussion: Chronological The simplest approach is to trace the development of the topic over time.

When this is done without misleading the reader into believing that the author read the paper detailing the discovery and is thoroughly acquainted with its contents, then no real harm is done.

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And in what order should you present them? But how is a literature review different from an academic research paper?


Green, Bart N. Literature reviews are written occasionally in the humanities, but mostly in the sciences and social sciences; in experiment and lab reports, they constitute a section of the paper.

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For the sperm whale project, one methodological approach would be to look at cultural differences between the portrayal of whales in American, British, and French art work. Even if the material is accurately described elsewhere, the different contexts in which it is read may lead to differences in how that material is encoded in our minds which, therefore, could lead to difference in how certain elements are recalled.

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Journal of Mixed Methods Research. Narrow your topic There are hundreds or even thousands of articles and books on most areas of study. Who writes these things, anyway? While the study focuses on one topic, harpoon technology, it will still be organized chronologically.