Liver literature review. Surgical treatment of liver tumors – own experience and literature review

Hu, W. Ernst, and O. Gujral, K.

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Most of the IPNBs secrete mucin and cause disproportional dilatation of the bile ducts. View at Google Scholar Y. Cudkowicz, and J.

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Because of atypical imaging findings, the tumors could not be definitively diagnosed. Nanaboshi, Y.

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View at Google Scholar B. Morgenstern, G. Beside hepatocellular carcinoma, metastasis, and cholangiocarcinoma, the imaging findings of other relatively uncommon hepatic lesions are less discussed in the literature.

Imaging of these lesions was reviewed.

Glycyrrhizic Acid in the Treatment of Liver Diseases: Literature Review

Ann Transplant ; Hepatoblastoma and mesenchymal hamartoma, mostly in children, are also briefly reviewed as well. Murashima et al. J Radiol ; Su, H. Inflammatory pseudotumor is often heterogeneous on ultrasonography and with enhanced septations and rims in the portovenous phase after contrast medium. Cui, I.

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  2. The results were as follows:

Ishida et al. However, some reports show that 18 -glycyrrhetic acid inhibits NF- B activation, which has been interpreted as 18 -glycyrrhetic acid-mediated regulation of the inflammatory response [ ]. Singer et al.

About fifty percent of the total population of a country is female. He can spend his leisure in her pleasant company.

A case report showed that combined administration of GA and cilostazol caused pseudoaldosteronism [ 89 ]. Nakae, S.

First comprehensive Literature Review on the Burden of Liver Disease in Europe

Clinical and Experimental Hepatology. Surgical treatment of liver tumors — own experience and literature review. Tawada, Y. The protective effect is likely from its capacity to inhibit the metabolic activation of hepatotoxin, a critical factor in the pathogenesis of chemical-induced carcinogenicity [ 79 ].

Angiosarcoma is the most common hepatic mesenchymal tumor and is hypervascular in nature.

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