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Therefore, the following table shows a brief summary of some definitions. Look into issues and concerns currently trending in the news. In addition, not only public sector employees already have to deal with the enduring trend towards globalization that causes the working environment to get more complex and even more fast-paced but also employees of the private sector. Resulting from the growing importance of the subject, a huge body of literature about the topic has evolved over the past years and many authors have tried to define the term Work-life balance.

Hence, almostpublic sector jobs could get cut in the upcoming five years BBC News, According to the study, eight out of ten Germans perceive their life as too stressful.

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For simplification, the thesis will just refer to an employee which includes both genders. Look into issues and concerns currently trending in the news. Consequently, many graduates are not willing to sacrifice their life for their job. This value change is caused by a new generation of graduates who have addressed the phenomenon of Work-life balance in their studies.

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There are different interpretations of this aspect. Therefore, you can approach to this dissertation as a study, the search of a solution or the elaboration of a strong conclusion about the issue.

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Provided that there are countless approaches to this subject, you will have to select one that is adequate according to your experience as an author. Thus, the status of having a conflict between work and leisure time does not necessarily mean that there is a feeling of imbalance. The age factor for employees searching for work life balance.

  1. The last part of the dissertation will draw conclusions upon the conducted research, will give recommendations and will also provide information about the future research.
  2. Hence, almostpublic sector jobs could get cut in the upcoming five years BBC News,
  3. Is there a social status element in achieving work life balance?
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Brainstorming may be easier for you when having something to help get creative juices flowing. Kellogg Company replaced the traditional three daily eight-hour shifts with four six-hour shifts just before World War II. Nevertheless, the majority of companies began to offer Work-life programs not until the s and s Lockwood, Literature Review 2.

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How does upbringing motivate an individual into searching for work life balance? One of the authors focusing on the historical development of Work-life balance is M.

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A study on the stress levels in Occident and how to deal with work life balance thesis topic new disease Conclusions on how to avoid being part of the negative figures regarding life-work imbalance. Take a basic idea and think about what you can do with it.

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You can get a sample from an experienced writer that creates custom dissertation papers from scratch. Conclusions and Recommendations 6.

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Whereas in previous decades the concentration has focused on mothers or the compatibility of an occupation connected to the duty of caring for young children, nowadays the focus has shifted towards the interaction of different areas of work and life of both, women and men, in order to create a family-friendly situation amongst employees. Deriving from this context, this dissertation follows several objectives.

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Also, many authors have tried to reveal the reason for its increasing popularity since understanding the reasons for the Work-life balance evolvement is of great significance for companies in order to adopt the right approaches. Exploring the economic benefits of work life balance Does achieving work life balance hasten or slow down aging?

Furthermore, this number tends to increase as the days of illness that are caused by the Burnout steadily increase Der Spiegel, Here, next to a brief work life balance thesis topic of the term Work-life balance, the literature review will also define the discussed term and give an overview about existing literature that address the reasons of its popularity as well as its cultural differences.

Can working your dream job help establish balance? Consult or use a sample to ensure that your paper meets the highest standards.

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Writing reference books, brainstorming, and sharing ideas with colleagues can also be helpful. Writing Tricks. Goal setting and how to achieve them.

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Adapted from Spiegel. Differences were discovered in the attitude towards the Work- life balance of the leadership within a company. Studies have shown that employees in both sectors will likely experience severe difficulties of creating a healthy and productive balance between their working life and family life as they are not only expected to be well educated staff member but also be exemplary parents in their leisure time and work life balance thesis topic all, have a fulfilling personal life.

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The topic thus presents a rich repository of ideas for a dissertation. Moreover, the following quote points out the importance of Work-life balance.

A Collection Of Unique Dissertation Topics On Work Life Balance

Is work life balance a personal decision or can it be imposed by the employer? As this dissertation concentrated on the differences between the U. Thus, the research objective shall be reached by answering the following research question: