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The six thinking hats introduced the thinking process to follow specific directions when necessary. De Bono, E. These are sequences of hats that structure the thinking process towards a clear goal. Many people are used to ordinary thinking and they unconsciously navigate on their own habits. The stakeholders think from an optimistic point of view about the problem or suggestion.


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    Creative tools can be applied to drive creativity during the conversations such as the Lego Serious Play and brainstorming techniques. The aim of this part is to identify the cons of the suggestion and the disadvantages and why the suggestion may not work based on logical reasons. Many people are used to ordinary thinking and they unconsciously navigate on their own habits.

    White hat This hat represents the facts and the information available about the problem or the argument.

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    Do you recognize the practical explanation or do you have more suggestions? In this way all the attendants will think in the creating a business plan ks2 way at the same time.

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    This package provides front end dollar savings and in-depth competency development given your two-day program of choice. The hats process avoids this. Be on the lookout for other programs and processes.

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    No further development in the thinking process should be done. This hat can be used to drive the thinking process to better routes. An Essential Approach to Business Management.

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    Mulder, P. Six Thinking Hats: As a consequence, there are no discussions.

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    Think about growth and movement. Thereafter each hat is used for a few minutes at a time only, except the red hat which is limited to a very short 30 seconds or so to ensure that it is an instinctive gut reactionrather than a form of judgement. While the six thinking hats method does not follow ordinary human thinking, it can be used during a specific critical thinking session to achieve specific targets such as solving problems, discussing argument, in-depth analysis for planning process and running the creative thinking process.

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    He distinguishes six different frames of mind in which the brain can become sensitive. Descargar iconos para curriculum vitae gratis your brain for a new era where conceptual thinkers have the advantage.

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    How are you meant to stop thinking the way you think and think in a different way? Black Judgement: For instance, a meeting may be called to review a particular problem and to develop a solution for the problem.

    During this part, the stakeholders discuss the risks that can be faced when the package redesign is applied. How to cite this article: This part helps the stakeholders to think about the new design and how they reflect on the previous discussions parts on the new design or the current one.

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    Human thinking is unstructured and reinforced in a way that different types of thoughts can drive individuals and design thinking groups to think an unorganized ways, which can lead to unexpected results.