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If senior managers are not thoroughly monitored, they may benefit excessively at the cost of the company. It is not sure if a more active shareholder involvement could bathukamma festival essay in telugu language prevented the accounting scandal at Ahold. The very survival of a company depends thus not only on the capital of the investors, but also on the goods and services provided by its various stakeholders. Our cultural environment may consist of many things, amongst which we find norms and values. Solomon addresses the fact that running a company well corresponds with running it in a socially responsible manner, as this in turn will improve its financial performance. Another weakness in the control-ownership link is thus apparent within the power the board has over company.

Companies would only do what they have to and nothing more. Thus we can connect the weaknesses in corporate governance, in the legal frameworks to the focus on respectively the shareholder or the stakeholders.

In this paper I will focus on the case study of Royal Ahold and the large accounting fraud that took place within the company. We shall see that the lack of transparency contributed to increasing and not decreasing the agency problem. The insider system is prevalent throughout Europe, with the exception of the UK who has an outsider dominated system of governance.

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Evolution or Revolution. One could argue that when management engaged in insider trading for example, it would certainly be judged as bad moral behaviour. The analysis of the weaknesses of the corporate governance systems within the U.

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Common law countries often have well developed stock markets, which is also why it is mostly associated with the market based system of governance. However because there rebate application letter geographical differences in simple essay for class 2 of what a company is and what role it plays in society, a company may increase its financial risk by engaging in CSR activity.

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The European insider model is mostly related to a relationship based system. We can only acknowledge that the role of external auditors is to case study analysis of royal ahold scandal an extra control mechanism to regulate the activities of directors. They furthermore manipulated their accounting entries by for example incorporating discounts into the accounts before the actual sale was made or into the wrong time period.

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According to other non-economic models of human behaviour other sociological factors could for example be taken into account. In common law countries, e. Companies are extending their business across borders and continents and perhaps an international system would not be a bad idea.

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Solomon mentions the legitimacy theory which stems from the existence of a social contract between a corporation and society. I will now look at some of the weaknesses that arise due to the different ownership models. Perhaps board members felt inhibited on pointing out irregularities because of the dominating pressure of the CEO? Van der Hoeven CEO and his accomplices certainly seemed keen on maximising their short term profit.

Had they been prosecuted in America instead, their sentence is likely to have been much harsher, even perhaps resulting in a prison term instead of a proportionally small fine.

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Utilitarianism focuses primarily on the consequences of our actions. Due to the decentralised accounting system they had in Ahold, it must have been close to impossible to understand what was actually happening in its various subsidiaries, not mentioning trying to notice accounting discrepancies.

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The financial fraud at Ahold emerged due lack of transparency and disclosure. Massive Accounting Fraud. By using Hofstede we can see that the power balance within the corporation could also have contributed to economic pressure in the corporate culture.

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However the apparent agency problems, such as insider trading, could not be argued to be consistent to maximising shareholder value either, as was the case by providing false documentation for the controlling of joint ventures for example. The application letter marketing of a low degree of compliance may result in more mandatory codes. Due to its multinational character, Ahold was eventually held responsible within both legislative systems.

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  2. Management should have adhered to the accounting principle of matching concerning the recognition of rebates.
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At the outset, Ahold was a family owned business. We can however with almost certainty say that it was not the actions of men with intensions of looking after stakeholder needs.

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I believe that financial risk and corporate governance has converged with issues deeply associated with corporate social responsibility. US Foodservices USF received a large number of promotional allowances, if it purchased a large volume of merchandise. The ethical motivation for actions of the directors could be viewed as morally wrong from a consequentialistic view, but could perhaps be justified in some cases when analysing the intentions of the individuals.

This was also done despite shareholders agreements that provided joint control for Ahold and its joint ventures.

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Royal Bank of Canada: However, through prematurely and incorrectly recognising these promotional allowances, they inflated their profits for some million Euros. Retrieved August 2,from Ahold: This in turn could lead to less self regulation on the part of companies, which could damage them financially.

The problem with the outsider system is that the fragmented shareholders are often at the mercy of large block shareholders, such as investor banks in the US.

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In this section I would like to focus on the structures of corporate ownership as well as some legal influences that shape the different form of governance, hence also their weaknesses. One could argue that there has been developed numerous codes in common law countries, in order to compensate for the weak legal protection of minority shareholders.

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Young, R. Once again, this was done by Ahold in order to consolidate their revenues and earnings from their subsidiaries. Disclosure of information is a critical function in reducing agency problems.