The snake fight portion of your thesis defense, but during the...

You're back? But during the course of this project, I learned that, while most Ipswich Sparrows winter along the Atlantic coast south of Nova Scotia, each year some birds remain on Sable Island for the winter. So for my PhD thesis, I decided to focus on partial migration. But there are two reasons it took me a long time, and I would actually only change one of them.

Turns out finishing a thesis is a lot of work.

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But as far as I remember, it all felt a bit surreal. After that, it was a blur of shaking hands with people and thanking them — and then after that, a blur induced by copious amounts of beer.

The PhD is a long haul, so building friendships and relationship to help get you through the process is, I think, the most important thing you can do — for both yourself and your project.

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Be open to where your research leads you. When and where do I fight the snake? And the forum guide is good reading too.

So yeah, you're out of the new user queue.

Do I have to kill the snake? Overall, however, I felt confident that I had a strong and supportive committee. For example, I thought about how I would answer a question about my methodology, what the strengths and weaknesses of my sources were, what I would do differently, how I would transform the dissertation into a book, why a framed my topic in the way I did, etc.

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I prepared by reading the dissertation over a couple of times. Does everyone fight the same snake?

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If I were to do things again, I would certainly attempt to get into a better routine relationship between business opportunity business idea and business plan the writing process. It was a small thing, but it made me feel a lot better.

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No, just dealing with Chinese and Russian spam moderating. That's important, let's talk about it, we can come to some sort of arrangement or at least a clarification on why the rule is as it is.

How did you feel afterwards? Takes two posts before no one has to approve anything ever again, and three more for linking rights. How did you come up with your topic?

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Of course, I would also love to change tons of the specific methodological decisions I made when collecting my data. Then he threw the snake out a window.

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If they point out a problem, it is likely so that you catch it before moving on. Or less.

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In 48 hours and through eight courses, this bundle […] Get certified in Cisco network security with this course Big systems need tight security — and simon m. k. (2019). dissertation and scholarly research recipes for success experts who can implement it. Yes, it's a pain that your first post is locked in a queue.

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  3. My least favourite part of the research process was analyzing the data.

Bouncing around ideas is great, but so too is making time for non-academic things! The committee had some great insights and ideas. Catherine took this picture to show how tolerant the bluebirds are of human disturbance and will quite happily nest in man-made artificial nest boxes.

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Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today! The size of the snake is the main factor.

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These snakes are kept by your department and the quality of the work you put in determines how large of a snake you must fight. My least favourite part of the research process was analyzing the data.

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Unfortunately, later always arrives eventually. I feel a little more ready for my own snake battle now hearing about how yours went, and to those reading this — I hope you do too.

Battling the Snake: Surviving your Defense

The photos included in this blog post are all taken by Heather Merla and Catherine Dale on their various research trips. I also did not particularly enjoy working in the archives, as it was a significant amount of effort for very little return.

Who will be eaten first? I want to write a DnD campaign and play it by myself and DM it myself. There are a ton of reasons why that might be, especially if your unit has a few years on it.