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The Oil spill was very fast because liquid naturally flows and cannot be stopped unless controlled or covered it will continuously gush out. Journal of Advanced Nursing 62 1: It occurs during a mistake by humans NOT by nature. The crew's attempts to close the blowout preventer- a valve situated over the borehole- were useless as the valve failed to prevent the flow. Its staff decreased by half in the past 10 years, and its research and development program suffered a large budget cut in Robertson and Rudolf

During the oil spill, all the information had to go through the Unified Command.

Deepwater Horizon: classifying the effects

Multidimensional governance and the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Reporting oil spill damage is important to prove and assess the damage to the natural resource, and the slower reporting process can affect the extent of ongoing natural resource damage assessment.

The role of the Coast Guard also changed from search and rescue during hurricanes to the monitoring of cleanup during the oil spill. During the spill, however, the situation was reversed, and the Unified Command with the Bp oil spill case study geography Guard at the helm made decisions with respect to oil spill response.

Some responding methods were suspected to harm the environment Lesson from the Gulf oil spill: The incident commanders were also unsure of the restrictions regarding their interaction with the media.

Sea birds that swim and dive for their food are sure to be covered in oil, thus making them impossible to fly and vulnerable to overheating Subscribe Thanks.

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One was the supply of emergency managers to compensate for the shortage of personnel in the face of the largest spill in U. This is reflective of disaster resilience based on all-inclusive collaborations, combined efforts, and shared responsibilities National Academies Natural Hazards 22 2: Because of lack of comparative work, people may commonly accept that experience of one environmental disaster e.

But it was only six weeks ago that President Obama announced a major push to expand offshore oil and gas drilling.

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Borenstein, S. And what if it happened during a bout of bad weather when the spill might reach the shore?

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Unfamiliarity with the Oil Pollution Act resulted in uncertainty about how governments and communities at the local and state level could or should respond to the spill. Help, and its own way.

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Hurricane Katrina and the paradoxes of government disaster policy: Bankers were paid big bonuses for risks taken this year or next year, but the real risks came home to roost years later. Gunderson, L. One system appeared to have had a flat battery and the other a defective switch.

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However, the machine was overwhelmed and flammable gas engulfed the rig. The Restore Act of Parishes sent representatives to the Unified Command. The United States Coast Guard a, b report states that external and public affairs functions became very centralized, and information from the command centers at Houma and Mobile were not bp oil spill case study geography well.

Three main categories are the impact of changed regulations on federal, state, and local governments; environmental recovery; and uncertainty. BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill: Since 20 AprilThe oil flowed from the gusher unabatedly for 3 months until the gushing wellhead was capped on 15 July Though learning and trust are critical to overcoming the gap and sustain resilience Longstaff and YangGundersonthey have taken place retroactively after much confusion and resentment.

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Bea has worked as an engineer on offshore drilling operations and was also one of the leaders of an independent engineering study of the New Orleans levee failures during Hurricane Katrina. The Sea Grant agents had to contact their representative at the Unified Command to get information. Reddy, S. At least 4.

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Disaster resilience: They deplored the lack of direct communication during the oil spill, compared to the situation during hurricanes. The documents were carefully reviewed first and then open coding and categorization was carried out. Below are pictures and stories of the 11 men who were tragically killed during the BP Oil disaster.

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Though the restoration fund includes community resilience and economic development such as job creation, tourism, and the promotion of seafood consumption, it is, thus far, predominantly focused on ecosystem restoration with a lack of attention to socioeconomic conditions Harrison He says that disaster has several possible insights for the oil spill: Since the s, the MMS has routinely granted a blanket exemption from doing a comprehensive environmental impact statement to individual drilling operations, according to Holly Doremus, a professor of environmental law at Berkeley.

Although this is the case, you can also argue because the waves take the oil on its surface across the ocean affected more marine life is not as concentrated as the actual area of extent where it is affected, the ruptured oil well.

The Environmental Protection Agency, for instance, co-signed on the decision concerning the use of dispersants, and the ad hoc team of federal agencies created by the National Incident Command made decisions about fishery closures without conflict with the structure of the National Contingency Plan Osofsky The next step is to turn them into a more systematic and routine set of arrangements.

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Uncertainty Uncertainty is at the heart of oil spill concerns. Energy companies have aggressively lobbied to avoid formally analyzing worst-case scenarios since the Carter administration first required them in instances where there was uncertainty about the risk of disaster.

In particular, the effects of changed regulatory structures from the Stafford Act to the Oil Pollution Act of in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are investigated. Ecological and human community resilience in response to natural disasters. Consequently, public expectations regarding disaster response and recovery, southwest airlines case study harvard had been shaped by case study motel Stafford Act, did not bp oil spill case study geography case study on married couple with the mandates of the Oil Pollution Act.

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Griggs, J. We knew what we were doing.


Furthermore, the involvement of several federal agencies added additional layers of review and approval that stalled timely crisis communication and information on the status of the response. This will be followed by a discussion of a shift of emphasis to the environment after the oil spill compared to the focus on people in the event of hurricanes.

On scene coordinator report: Parishes set aside money to cope with the aftermath of hurricanes.

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  2. BP and other companies tend to measure safety and environmental compliance on a day-to-day, checklist basis, to the point of basing executive bonuses on those metrics.

This network was facilitated by the fact that the lead emergency manager knew the BP personnel prior to the spill. Emergency managers utilize established bp oil spill case study geography set up with debris removers and other service providers in preparation for hurricanes.

But it was only a suggestion, not a requirement, and U.