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Not a measure of one's academic performance Hair color and hair length do not, in any way, affect a student's academic performance, and these surely do not determine an individual's morality. The length of their hair or whether they have the right to give it a permanent wave is relatively unimportant.

Not a measure of one's academic performance Hair color and hair length do not, in any way, affect a student's academic performance, and these surely do not determine an individual's morality.

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Related posts: The group has prepared comprehensive oral and written presentations to provide sqa coursework booklet better understanding of the topic. Is this enough to justify the demand that high-schoolers be liberated from a prescribed hair style?

All of us want to appear the best we can, because it shows that you care for yourself. Until recently, the Mayor of Tainan had tried to persuade the Ministry of Education to give the high schoolers the carte blanche to determine their own hair styles.

But his supporters say his dismissal was politically motivated. Some schools that implement such policy are Aquinas School, St. Hairstyle Pages: Lack of self-esteem can cause depression, and depression hinders performance.

If one's hair is compared to a tree and one's period of education to a river, then we can see that the tree will keep growing new leaves while the river, if it ever flows, will never flow back.

For many years we have tried to solve the problem of juvenile delinquency.

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Like every other policy, haircut policy applies to a certain category of people; males only. How it started However, AB students had been approaching me, reporting that they were being told by security guards in the building to dye their hair black.

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A student from Trinity Grammar headmaster Dr Michael Davies' previous employer St Kevin's College, where he was deputy headmaster, contacted The Age, saying Dr Davies sent students to get haircuts during school hours when he worked at the Toorak school. Like every other policy, haircut policy applies to a certain category of people; males only. So we should not bother ourselves too much with this question.

Perhaps an even stricter policy on cleanliness would be more accepted by everybody. It is difficult for us to say if the idea is right or wrong. That is the disciple that the school administrators emphasize. Why don't they give the students the right to make their own decisions in this matter?

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  • I certainly want to look good.
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Education consultant business plan pdf long as the student looks decent and neat with the hair style he prefers, it should be allowed. Time is money.

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My personal experience tells me that the rule governing the student's hair style is simply the cause of endless troubles between students and teachers. Despite what they said, I still don't like hair style imposed on us high school students. To me hair style is strictly a personal matter. How come the policy only applies to male then?

Top-ranking officials in charge of education may have many reasons to justify this regulation, but the fact is that almost every student regards it with distaste. I myself was a high school student. Schools should probably change it to a policy that gives them freedom research proposal possible questions hair styles but mirrors the parameters of decency together with it.

Such kind of short hair is simply not a "style" at all.

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It is stated that, "Good grooming includes the wearing of the prescribed college uniform, the authorized shoes, the ID, the male haircut and other considerations that are similar to these. There is no mention of a prohibition on hair color in the handbook.

In a word, there is really no need to bother about one's hair, especially if you are just a student. That is why students often quarrel with their teachers, and this mutual misunderstanding is often detrimental to the students themselves.

Why doesn't the concerned authority reconsider this hair business?

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I isn't beautiful and it is unnatural. I like to have my hair a little longer and be spared the trouble of having it cut every so often. Authorities concerned insisted that the fixed hair style could make high school students look fresh and tidy.

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How come the policy only applies to male then? Everyone wants to look good. It is also easy to groom this hair style, so it saves students time. I just graduated from high school this year. After all, beauty is but skin deep. But the AB administration has recently re-implemented the policy. There is hardly anything that stays unchanged all the time.

Some schools that implement such policy are Aquinas School, St. We students labor under so many rules in school and we are taught to thesis about haircut policy all of them. This is really what the educators or educational officials should be concerned about, certainly not the hair of the student. By regularly having a haircut, the students keep in mind that they have something to accomplish at a certain time every month.

Before enrolling in UST, Thomasians would have to pledge agreement with the policies imposed by the university, or they would not be allowed to proceed in the enrollment procedures. So far as I am concerned, problems of the young are not confined to such a small matter as hair style; what matters is the reinforcement of the students' moral consciousness, the way they should behave, and the like.

Once in a while our society seems to be interested in this problem too, but it is a pity that the students' own view in this matter is rarely consulted.

Philippine Schools’ Haircut Policy: Effective? Essay

If anyone forgot to have his hair cut to the required standard, he was sure to be reprimanded or even punished. So far as I know, this problem has been existing for quite a long time akorda essay possibly in our country alone.

Everyone wants to look The prescribed plain short hair may look tidy, but the insistence on the hair length below the ear lobe in the case of girl students, which is fixed at one centimeter or at most two, is quite unnecessary. From the day they enter the school the students of the college are perfectly free to choose their own hair styles, yet nobody says the students here are spoiled by such freedom.

Youth is itself a kind of beauty, an asset, so I don't think a student's hair will in any way detract from this beauty. Parents must then reimburse the school for the cost of the haircut.

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  • The policy also limits the promotion of student diversity, and can further limit how students who are part of the LGBTQ sector would want to express their gender.

Some students often quarrel with their teachers thesis about haircut policy military instructors over the hair issue and there are even "battles" waged by the students to protect their hair. Furthermore, students will not be able to take part in solving larger and more important issues if they cannot solve simple ones such as these.

We go to school, not only to gain knowledge but also to learn how to tell right from wrong and acquire independent thinking. This is not about vanity 'It is an issue of the lack of consultation with students — them being the primary stakeholders of the institution — in the policy making of the university' Published It is time to try and keep our educational house in order.

It makes the student look decent and respectable.

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The authorities need not be afraid of the consequences of a cancellation of the hair regulation. Unncessary policies? The use of hairpins, pony tails, headbands, etc by male students is not allowed either.

Why doesn't the Ministry of Education release high school students from this particular pressure? We hope every boy or girl is a good student, but to pin this hope on a student's close-cropped hair is certainly naive, if not absurd. So, why do we need to abide by such rule? In my opinion, a clean, simple, nice-looking, and moderately long hair will cut the mustard.

Hair should not touch the collar of the uniform.

UST hair policy for students: This is not about vanity

As a matter of fact, this is not a serious problem, because in my opinion high school students should not in the first place spend too much time on hair care. Forcing a student to look different from how he would like to, has a considerable effect on his confidence and self-esteem, which can then affect his performance in school. So my conclusion is thesis about haircut policy It makes the student look decent and respectable.