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A student who has been working for two years may fail. Time must be managed between filled and unfilled time. This article is based on questions like: We're Commodore 64s in an age of PS2s. They take the help of guesspapers. All these things combine to urge a student to hard work.

Examination fever

They burn the midnight oil, pray for success and seek blessings from elders and parents. Some perch on scholarship essay outline template trees while others sit in a remote corner.

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The very thought of examination makes them fearful. And it will make them giddy There are protests and boycotts. They suspend all their pleasure activities.

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And the fever continues for some more essay correction free online to come subsides, however, its intensity subsides. Examination is the stern child of education.

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They know that if they keep on neglecting their books, they will be exposed in examinations. In theory. Even after the examination, The fever still haunts the student. They revise lessons, cram answers, discuss test papers and make a guess about possible questions. They are judged from what they perform in three hours.

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All these things combine to urge a student to hard work. The students deliberately?. Students cannot get rid of them. They determine whether a student is fit for promotion to the next class or not. Always feel xenophobie dissertation. Shakespeare never passed any examination.

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Watching television for a long time could lower academic performance. A student who has been working for two years may fail.

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The tendency to while away ones time, with a book in front, also increases. Rivalry and com potions bring out the beat men and also the beat in men. Tempting as it might be to hunch over your desk every waking minute, it's not civil engineering graduate cover letter sample to do you any good.

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They do not bother to read textbooks or whatever teachers tell them io the class. If periodical tests are held and are given as much importance as the final examinations. Talk to your friends for a while.

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Teachers would ask their students to go to the examination hall with a calm mind and read the questions fully before choosing the questions to be answered. It is a very hectic period for them.

They will blunder in the choice of questions, in the solution of a mathematical problem and so on and ultimately pass through a several cross- examination from the parents. They are rightly denounced as a system which encourages only rote memory and are not a true test of ones knowledge, potential and ability. This is a typical set of instructions that many of the students would see at the top of most of the question papers.

Similarly, excess caffeine is to be avoided, but now's not the time to give it up completely if you have a serious coffee habit going.

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Examination fever is infact ,a painful experience for every student. Sometimes the most brilliant student is not able to do justice in such a short duration. In the examination hall, they feel suffocated and terrorized.

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A positive thought is the seed of a positive result. On the contrary. Seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for optimal physical rest and brain functioning.

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The fear of failure and poor performance gives them nightmares. If the questions are easy, the choice of the questions to be answered becomes difficult. A few sometimes commit suicide on failures. As a matter of fact, examinations are the only worry of students. Related Interests.

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They agree that whenever examinations come closer the students start getting anxious and spend sleepless nights worrying about the upcoming exams. The other view is that they do a positive harm. They would waste all their time in idle mischiefs. The results of all these tests, they say, should be taken into account when judging a student's ability.

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What is examination fever?