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Add Database Details to Search Results Adding the Name of Each Database to your EndNote records will help you through the deduplicating process and ensure that you will know where each reference came from. RefWorks, EndNote, and Mendeley. We were particularly interested in verifying whether best business plan names the various de-duplication options resulted in false positives duplicates that should not have been deleted.

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For the other three options RefWorks, Literature review duplications, and Mendeleywe retrieved all citations from the systematic review and exported them to each de-duplication option.

De-duplicating with Mendeley resulted in 36 false negatives and 4 false positives. Empty your trashcan. Release of tissue-type plasminogen activator t-PA in the splanchnic circulation of the anaesthetised pig during high sympathetic tone. Using formulas in Excel, such as highlighting duplicates, can be a useful tool to speed up this process.

Literature Review

All of these search strategies are provided in the online appendix. Methods Using the records from a published systematic review, five de-duplication options were compared.

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Next, sort your display fields by page number and review your results manually to make sure you do not have additional duplicates. Most notably, EndNote was the least effective citation management tool, with the highest number of false positives and false negatives.

Update on the classification, assessment of prognosis and therapy of Case study evaluation sheet syndrome. These data developing creative writing skills pdf that researchers will have to individually determine their own thresholds of acceptability for false positives.

Identifying and removing duplicate records from systematic review searches

If none are acceptable, none of the citation management de-duplication options can be used. You can only export search results at a time from the Ovid platform this includes Medline and Embase.

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Most recently, Rathbone et al. Nature Clinical Practice Gastroenterology and Hepatology. J Clin Ultrasound.

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None No. This will increase the accuracy of the Find Duplicates tool in EndNote. Recurrent abdominal thrombosis despite heparin thromboprophylaxis in a patient with transient eosinophilia. We also recorded the time it took to de-duplicate results in each option Table 1, online only. Mendeley took five minutes. Repeat this process business plan template apa format your next set of results which should be titled B-Embase.

You will start with TWO databases only. Searching multiple databases, however, results in the retrieval of numerous duplicate citations.

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  2. Find Duplicates among the PubMed, EMBASE, and Cochrane Library Databases in Systematic Review

literature review duplications By creating groups, we can organize our search results by database and easily find internal duplicates. Add Database Details to Search Results Adding the Name of Each Database to your EndNote records will help you through the deduplicating process and ensure that you will know where each reference came from.

Adding the Name of Database will assist the deduplication process.

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At this point, you can now export your next set of search results to EndNote. According to the logiciel pour business plan, de-duplicating exact citations in RefWorks performed the worst and de-duplicating with their proposed algorithm, named the Bramer method, yielded the best results in terms of accuracy and speed [ 9 ].

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Thromb Res. Abdom Imaging. The first gold standard set was developed for comparison against the results from the Ovid multifile search alone option 1.

Systematic Reviews: Tracking Results

A case report. You should add the Name of Database to your imported results before importing your next set of database results see below. Abdominal Imaging. We were particularly interested in verifying whether using the various de-duplication options resulted in false positives duplicates that should not have been deleted. Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. When you are done, record the number of internal duplicates in your Z-Duplicates folder in your spreadsheet under External Duplicates.

This literature review duplications manager automatically identifies duplicates among imported references, which can be deleted.

Tracking Software and Other Tools

The Cochrane Collaboration, for example, places a heavy emphasis on research proposal on food product development bias with a thorough, objective, and reproducible multi-database search [ 2 ], which has become the standard in systematic review processes [ 3 ]. For example, A-Medline, B-Embase, etc. Future research may involve expanding the selection of reference management software.

Some databases, like PubMed, will leave the Name of Database field empty.

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The Ovid multifile search alone resulted in 1, citations. Save the file to your desktop. Move these duplicates to a duplicates folder titled Z-Duplicates. Conference abstracts were deemed to be duplicates if full-text articles that shared the same study design, sample size, and conclusion were retrieved, even if their publication dates varied.

Start by modifying your Duplicates field. In such cases, we also checked the population sizes, methodology, and outcomes to determine whether the citations were duplicates. Bland and tumor thrombi in abdominal malignancies: Even with these preliminary recommendations, we must emphasize that de-duplication of results is complex.

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Notice that a separate field of duplicates is created. Step 5: Sort the remaining results by Pages and manually scan them for additional duplicates. The aim of this study was to explore and compare the effectiveness of various de-duplication features.