How to write a good extended essay, how to write your extended essay (getting started)

This is a very important part. Avoid tons of passive constructions. No one wants to read simple facts lists.

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Start by deleting most of your introduction, for example. Just general feedback.

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  • How to Make Your Good Extended Essay Great
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  • This article is about advanced techniques, the polish that can raise your grades to a high B or an A.

Use standard three paragraphs for this type of essay. So try to find just one that relates to your Extended Essay, print it out, take a couple of hours with Dictionary.

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Just start it with the very first quote you use and then add new ones scrupulously. Before reading this blog post, I suggest reading my post on getting started with your extended essay.

A lot of people find it easier to write things by hand before typing it. You should restate the main thesis, but avoid of simply repeating the argument.

How to Write Your Extended Essay (Getting Started)

As I explain here, your mission is to show off how much you understand the ideas taught in class. Annotated Bibliography This part of the task requires your focus to read through sources.

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To reach the highest mark, you need to be clear and convincing. A common mistake which happens slightly more in Business EE's is to research every possible aspect of a business maybe because your dad works there and then expect that sharing that information will impress the marker so much that you'll get a 7.

How to Make Your Good Extended Essay Great

The main thing is about creating a separate page with all the sources of quotes used in your extended essay. Get as much of your data as you can in the first month and show this to your supervisor.

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You should ask yourself whether you feel your question has passed each of these tests. But I can help you a lot on the second part.

#1 Is it the right scope?

Pick one of the three options above and try it: Exercise 1: Or maybe you're simply genuinely interested in the research question. Because the government has a lot of approaches to health care thousands of them for all we know and it's would be pretty hard to show a causal link between any of these strategies and economic growth.

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It is always good to get a helper. Use free structure and writing style.

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They make almost no sense. You need something that fits between these two extremes. Just write.

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This part always considers a writer to state his thesis and research question. This article is about advanced techniques, the polish that can raise your grades to a high B or an A.

How to Write Your Extended Essay (Getting Started)

You need to note that the balance between cold mind and excitement of your topic is crucial. Just like on all of your exams, if you want to application letter for fee structure the top marks, you need to get into the head of the examiners.

The computer as an assistant in education. But making sure that your writing is clear, well-paced and polished is essential for the final product.

Extended Essay Examples of Topics

That will help you do better work and get ahead of the pack. That article explains how to choose a good essay question, among other things. Set deadlines for finishing different stages of the essay throughout the summer.

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Read the criteria a few times, looking for key words that some examiners might focus on and adjust your writing so it would satisfy any marker. If they don't give you the numbers or the interview that you need within a month, it's probably time to change your RQ.

1) Doubt Your Sources

Always keep in mind that sooner or later you will need to deal with this task. Large-scale networking. Forward planning. Some of them require only words for a full investigation.

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Work out when, objectively, you will have the time to devote some love and care and sweat and blood to this essay. For example, have they structured their work in a clever way?