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Back to Line ] degree. Wants, frailties, passions, closer still ally The common interest, or endear the tie. Back to Line ] bubble. Therefore this statement would appear to be absurd. His Middle Nature; his Powers and Frailties, ver. And to the individuals, ver.


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    Go, reasoning thing! The variableness of the human character is compared to the volatility of mercury quicksilver. In vain thy reason finer webs shall draw; Entangle justice in her net of law; And right, too rigid, harden into wrong, Still for the strong too weak, the weak too strong.

    As has been stated in the introduction, Voltaire had become well acquainted with the English poet during his stay of more than two years in England, and the two had corresponded with each other with a fair degree of regularity when Voltaire returned to the Continent.

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    The poem was originally published anonymously; Pope did not admit authorship until Your best aiding concept — the individual that most strongly helps to make your situation and, simultaneously, about which there is an most know-how — should go initially.

    Section II It is concerned with the natural order God has decreed for man.

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    To Pope, pleasure does not last, it "sicken, and all glories sink. Placed on this isthmus of a middle state, A Being darkly wise, and rudely great: Back to Line ] Scarfs, garters: Every facet of this universe is designed solely for its place in the hierarchy of existence, and is in fact perfect for its particular station.

    Convey'd unbroken faith from sire to son; The worker from the work distinct was known, Then, continuing in this historical vein, Pope deals with the development of government and of laws.

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    Back to Line 59] acts: Pleased with this bauble still, as that before, Till tired he sleeps, and life's poor play is o'er. Teach us to mourn our nature, not to mend, A sharp accuser, but a helpless friend!

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    Back to Line ] Zembla: Scarfs, garters, gold, amuse his riper stage, And beads and prayer-books are the toys of age: Back to Line ] apathy: Most important for Shaftesbury was the principle of Harmony and Balance, which he based not on reason but on the general ground of good taste.

    Of fame, Pope says, it is but "a fancied life in others' breath Condem'd in business or in arts to drudge, Without a second, or without a judge: However, they did not appear until earlywith the fourth epistle published the following year.

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    Back to Line ] chemist: Though man may well seek happiness in many quarters, it will only be found in nature.