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One of the pictorial inspirations for the character, Marin. I am pretty sure the negotiation of such a thing, the achievement of such a thing, is a lifelong undertaking. Her first novel was written as a student of the Curtis Brown writing course. And then there are first-hand resources -maps, paintings, diaries, prices of food, inventories, wills — and the physical city of Amsterdam itself. There is a peacock in it called Saleem, and a King called Alberto, and a Queen called Laurelia who drives a motor car.

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In January last year, I was doing yoga every day for 90 minutes. It just took me so much longer than I thought! Some are dreadful.

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She is an only child. The world of writing seems to be a lot more welcoming to me than the world of acting. How did they winch furniture in?

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You said you were looking for strong female characters — is that what drew you to the past, to domestic restraint to try your character? I tried not to be overwhelmed by love, by the great geysers of it, but I failed.

Jessie Burton on The Muse - Her new book, writing history and life after The Miniaturist

Today is Epiphany, Twelfth Night, the day of reversal and topsy turns. Jessie Burton at her home in south-east London.

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Edward Thomas for some of the most beautiful, questing restlessness in the English language. May it be exciting, interesting, productive and enjoyable for you all. I am now so entirely excited by the possibilities of what I will write next. She attended an all-girls Church of England school, Lady Margaret in Fulham, and got the acting bug young, performing in television dramas.

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I became hungry again for literature, after living in the cogs of its business. We met, we clicked, and this past fortnight has confirmed to me what I suspected already — that I made the best decision of my fledgling professional life.

I did 18 months of events and press non-stop.

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You lock a person up, you keep them in the home, and you are going to have some interesting rebellions. Fewer biscuits. I realised quite how powerful it can be when a scholastic essay writing competition writes her life.

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It is harder to grasp that success is not necessarily easy either. A lot in the book is all historically true in terms of life in the city, and then a lot of it — because it jessie burton essay a novel! The course was a bit of a turning point for me.

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Thank you! However, Burton gives Nella a very rich inner life, one which drives her to act against her expected role and that bucks the conventions of her society; this is a coming of age narrative for Nella, and a well-written one at that, with her gaining independence and agency across the course of the novel as well as becoming more mature in terms of understanding her society.

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Life stuff, the stuffing of life; hard and soft, fibrous, strange; making me melancholy, ecstatic. Is your next book historical?

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This feeling was amplified in For obvious reasons, people are less likely to talk about it. At the same time, she kept body — if not soul — together temping, as a City PR.

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