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Igbokwe, U. Retrieved on Jan. They will be able to analyze assessment results to identify pupils' strengths and errors. They will understand how invalid information can affect instructional decisions about students. Today, education is facing great challenges.

The Instructional Competencies of Teachers - Revised (1) | Teachers | Competence (Human Resources) Teachers will be able to apply these concepts of score and summary indices in ways that enhance their use of the assessments that they develop. Some key concepts for understanding curriculum.

Geo, L. Oyeoku, E. Ile Ife, Nigeria. Unpublished M. Comments may be sent to: Applying Psychological principles, Enugu: The findings provide valuable insights to teacher training programs and other professional development entities regarding how to prepare educators to work more efficiently with ESL students.

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Asogwa, U. Overview of curriculum: Ndulum printing and Publishing Company. Drafts of these competencies went through several revisions by the Committee before the standards were released for public review.

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Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. Oxford University Press.

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The various assessment techniques include, but are not limited to, formal and informal observation, qualitative analysis of pupil performance and products, paper-and-pencil tests, oral questioning, and analysis of student records. Teachers will know, for each assessment approach they use, its appropriateness for making decisions about their pupils.

They will be aware that different assessment approaches can be incompatible with certain instructional goals and may impact quite differently on their teaching.

Igbokwe, U. Journals, 3 2 It is presumed that teachers could give more to students if they would learn more, not only through experience, but also through.

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In the face of severe criticisms to the effect that many of the schools in the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels at present are not producing quality graduates. The results of this study revealed that teacher role i.

Furthermore, teachers will sometimes be in a position that will require them to defend their own assessment procedures and their interpretations of them.

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They will be able to use these in ways that produce consistent results. By establishing standards for teacher competence in student assessment, the associations subscribe to the view that student assessment is an essential part of teaching and that good teaching cannot exist without good student assessment.

Competency/Mastery: Setting the Stage

Teachers need to be well-acquainted with the kinds of information provided by a broad range of assessment alternatives and their strengths and weaknesses. Eze eds. They will be able to use accumulated assessment information to organize a sound instructional plan for facilitating students' educational development.

Training to develop the competencies covered in the standards should be an integral part of preservice preparation. Assessment options are diverse and include text- and curriculum-embedded questions and tests, standardized criterion-referenced and norm-referenced tests, oral questioning, spontaneous and structured performance assessments, portfolios, exhibitions, demonstrations, rating scales, writing samples, paper-and-pencil tests, seatwork and homework, peer- and self-assessments, student records, observations, questionnaires, interviews, projects, products, and others' opinions.

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Teachers will be able to apply these concepts of score critical thinking piece summary indices in ways that enhance their use of the assessments that they develop.

Charactertistics of Effectife Teacher. Acadapeak Publishers.

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Teachers will understand and be able to explain the importance of taking measurement errors into account when using assessments to make decisions about individual students. China Education Review, 1 12 Jack C. The roles and responsibilities of an educator evolve with time and circumstance.