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Specialty coffee shops have been popping up all over downtown Portland in recent years, but the owners of Case Study Coffee see their neighbors as friends, not competition. Abraham Lincoln statue in the South Park Blocks.

Their first location is in the heart of the Pearl, surrounded by tons of cool shops and restaurants. If the trio of Barista outposts were siblings, the newest location in downtown's turn-of the-century Hamilton Building would be the middle child, the dignified and reserved aesthete.

Northeast Portland Coffee Shops

One is an introductory selection, while the other is fruitier and floral. Cell phone photos are OK. Given Scott Davidson's extravagant mutton chops, burly physique and penchant for wearing Utilikilts, when the Arbor Lodge owner refers to his coffee shop as "mission-based," you'd think he was talking about a mission to invade Sellwood and pillage its vast resources of antique furniture.

Some The likelihood of finding an open seat right now is good. Could such a space really ever compete? Do you mind if I take a picture of this area with you working in the background? Vancouver's Torque seems to relish its sense of place.

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The influence is evident: Plain, unexciting and mundane. On one visit, the barista made a flawless macchiato, then joined me on the tiny sidewalk seating to soak in some final rays of vitamin D and shoot the shit for 20 minutes.

Half Pint's coffees are roasted in suburban Vancouver, but this little inner-eastside cafe is the only outlet for the beans, most of which are done at the espresso-ready medium roast.

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  • Adjacent to my favorite Bake Shop and Cosmic Monkey, two doors down from my bike shop.
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But that doesn't mean the actual coffee is an afterthought. While we find that most folks don't mind being in the background of photos, don't sweat it if someone objects. An inviting case of pastries stuffed with chocolate-mint cookies and other totally inappropriate breakfast foods doubles the danger of starting your morning here.

This house, like the one I stayed in, was located right on the edge of a cliff, overlooking Downtown Portland.

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Despite being there for an hour-and-a-half, I still had half of my 12 ounce coffee. There's really nowhere nearby worth carrying your coffee to, so pull up a seat at the lone table and talk bikes and brews with your friendly host—it just doesn't feel right to leave that earth-mother environment with a disposable cup and lid, anyway, and those yogis out front might go all Dhalsim on you if you try.

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This is one of my favorite place to come and connect with friends or work on a project. My boyfriend and I were looking around for a coffee shop to do work and this was one of the larger coffee shops that we found that also provided free wi-fi. Many The likelihood of finding an open seat right now is high. In a city overrun with theater pubs, record bars and cocktail delis, the notion of connecting "adrenaline rush" with "caffeine buzz" actually makes some level of sense.

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Despite the grease-monkey aesthetic, See See's coffee program is refined, with grungy baristas manning a pour-over station and pulling Stumptown-bean espressos from a machine airbrushed like the side of a s hesher conversion van there are also pots of French press if you're after something a little more blue-collar.

There is a warm and exciting Atmosphere due to the decor and people.

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Their coffees are roasted in-house on a small and attractive black and gold Probat roaster on a platform in the corner. See See Essay how to do well in examination Coffee Co. Crops suffered due to leaf rust but now they're back and the. It tasted simply like hazelnuts, milk, espresso, and nothing more, and was completely delicious.

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The name is a reference to the cavernous coffee house's space in an old auto shop across from the city's Convention Centre. Here are 11 new cafes we think are worth cycling to. Share this list with others.

Ok, got it. The staff recommended an espresso drink, and made my Americano by dumping two shots into a cup of hot water, instantly dissolving the crema.

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Current hours are 7am — 11pm. The walls are adorned with photos of farmers from the all-female fair trade co-op from which it sources its organic beans, world music plays on the stereo, the whole operation is carbon neutral and the prices are "pay what you feel" though Wicker says he will probably switch to set prices soon, because people don't feel like paying enough for him to break even.

If you prefer to use a password, you can create one after you've signed in via the confirmation email the first time. Few The likelihood of finding an open seat right now is low.

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I also find the drinks to be of a more consistently higher quality, as Maglia Rosa isn't dealing with long lines and trying to juggle bagels and bussing at the same time. Well, larger: Abraham Lincoln statue in the South Park Blocks. Trailhead Coffee Roasters Craft Roasted.

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Heart features coffee from multiple regions of Colombia, Ethiopia, and Kenya, and we recommend picking up the sample packs. Their iced lattes are unmatched. There weren't any other customers—but this one was very satisfied. So grab your cup to go—and go by foot or cycle if you've had a Chili Mex.

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  • The coffee house serves local health-focused snacks, smoothies, coffees and teas.
  • Reap the Rewards Load your badge on your mobile phone and show it to when you place your order.

With a rack full of ironic T-shirts bearing the mulleted vestige of a Joe Dirt type and the words "The 'Couve: Customers can also select from Chemex, Aeropress, Beehouse, Clever dripper, or vac pot for additional brew methods.

When you overhear him chat with customers, though, it's clear he only has altruistic goals in mind.

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Reap the Rewards Load your badge on your mobile phone and show it to when you place your order. Motorcycles and coffee? What, Fat Cobra Video isn't good enough? We focus on quality, complexity, and balance in the cup.

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Their second location is on Southeast Hawthorne at 26th, within walking distance of lots of fun vintage shops, record stores, and boutiques. Submitted photos will be attributed to you unless you state otherwise.

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I think there's still a heavy '70s culture here. Case Study Coffee This business has not yet been claimed by the owner or a representative.