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Fremantle and the America's Cup Google Scholar Rydel, R. Tourism Mega-Events.

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Google Scholar Coppock, J. Syme, G. It further discusses the research focus, clearly defines the overall research aim as well as individual research objectives and the research question, gives a brief summary of each chapter and finally states the value of this research. Recommendations from this study include working with hosts early on in hallmark event organization and carefully considering the short- and long-term consequences of hosting hallmark events in small, tourist-historic cities.

The Anthropology of World Fairs.

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In the Conclusion and Recommendation chapter the overall research aim was repeated. Expo 86 and Expo Google Scholar Shaw, B. America's Cup Lost, Paradise Retained?

Several important features emerge from an examination of the research on hallmark events. Preview Unable to display preview. The paper concludes by noting the general neglect of hallmark tourism events by researchers and the urgent need for further theoretical and empirical studies.

Therefore the author generally analysed hallmark events and focuses especially on the Olympic Games.

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Try AbeBooks Description Over the last ten years, the role of the "hallmark event" - ranging from cultural festivals to Olympic Games, has become increasingly significant, and as tourism assumes the role of a leading global industry, the value of these events, both as politically symbolic and generators of enormous income, is perceived to be extremely high by most nations.

In addition this chapter explored the collaboration between organisers and local communities as well as the difficulties which are encountered.

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The Case of the Australian Bicentennial. Therefore the results of the document search, qualitative research as well as quantitative research primary research were compared to the findings of the literature review secondary research.

Findings revealed that residents did not feel their needs were being met before and during the hallmark event.

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Several important features emerge from an examination of the research on hallmark events. The impacts of a tourist hallmark event on the place meanings of residents.

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First, there is creative writing exercises for adults pdf agreed upon definition of events. Community organisations and hallmark events, a case study of the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival. Department of Recreation, University of Waterloo, Waterloo Avebury, Alderhot c.

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Brisbane Grabs at the '92 games. Third, the majority of research is economic in orientation with relatively little attention being paid to the important social and physical impacts of such events.

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Landscape as spectacle: The final three chapters consider the crucial planning dimension - including those related to smaller scale community events and festivals - and provides a workable strategy for the design and management of hallmark events that is full of sound practical advice, based on relevant global experience.

References Benedict, B.

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A primary function of the hallmark event is to provide the host community with an opportunity to secure high prominence in the tourism market place. Google Scholar Olds, K.: O n e of the m a j o r p r o b l e m s involved in defining, and hence, analysing s h o r t - t e r m staged tourist attractions is that of scale D a v i d s o n and Schaffer Avebury, Aldershot b.

Cup Gained, Paradise Lost? The key conclusion was reached and based on this conclusion the recommendations are given.

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The Adelaide Grand Prix: Tourism Mega-Events. Longman, London and New York The Results and Discussion chapter analysed as well as discussed the findings of the primary research in contrast to the explored results of the secondary research of chapter 2.

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  3. Such events rely for their success on uniqueness, status, or timely significance to create interest and attract attention.
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Google Scholar Rydel, R. A mail survey and interviews examined residents' perceptions of the hallmark event and the city.

  • An essential and clear guide to a field of great importance, this book will be both a primer for students of tourism and a practical handbook for regional and urban planners and managers.
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