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You can furnish the house in the mod style of the Baileys, or experiment with creating an environment for your family. With all the persuasive skill of his profession, Cracchiolo went beyond the architecture to persuade furniture makers to re-make long discontinued original furnishings for the house, such as the Formica entry cabinet from Jerry McCabe. One material for the roof, same one for the walls. Although Koenig's completed house is nearly exact to the original design, subtle changes are present.

In the s Koenig's original kitchen was demolished and was replaced with a center-island cooking station.

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Click on the square brackets at the bottom right to go full screen. To replace the long-discontinued Formica entry cabinet shown in the famous Julius Schulman photograph, Cracchiolo commissioned Jerry McCabe, the original manufacturer, to repeat the design. The site for CSH 21 is a level building pad in the hills with a sweeping view to the south. In the end, the Levittown paradigm would dominate America's mass housing strategy in the post-war era.

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As Elizabeth A. Steel beams are embedded under the eaves.

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The celebration of his character is a reference to any contemporary housing project. Brick terraces, spanning the pools, lead to the living areas, and the terraces add another plane and texture to the interplay between water and structure.

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The spirit of the East loitering this house. CSH 21 is arranged along a North-South senior communications officer cover letter with a carport on the North side and a fully glazed South side to take advantage of the best view and maximum sunlight for winter months. Beyond this core lay two efficiently arranged bedrooms.

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In order to make exposed steel acceptable in the living room it must be so well detailed that the joining connections are imperceptible. In the west there is a hillside covered with weeds and to the east case study house 21 address the street. Likewise, a black Naugahyde sofa was commissioned to the exact specifications of the original.

By designing a central service core Koenig simplified the language of the perimeter condition to either standard sized sliding glass doors or opaque steel walls. Courtesy of Archilogic The ambience of the finished house is defined by water, which surrounds it more like a close fitting garment than a defensive moat.

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By expressing the volume as a simple box without overhangs Koenig underscored the simplicity of the rectangular forms and achieved an understated elegance. Years later Koenig would describe his impressions of the altered house by stating: The restoration was a labour of love that would last for nearly twice the duration of the original construction, and a research project nearly as difficult as the original design.

My houses are like children to me. It was the perfect match.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Instead of stretching the truth, be imaginative in your descriptions of prior work history.

It also—pragmatically in the hot LA summer—helps cool the house. Forty years after its construction, the film producer Dan Cracchiolo bought the house that was quite deteriorated, instructing the same Koening to complete the restoration. Around the house there is a shallow pond, crossed north to south by low platforms which fall on soft jets of water from the eaves, projection bent reflections as if it wanted to mock the purity of form the building.

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The creative writing stories about discovery restoration that followed would last for over a year, nearly twice the duration of the original construction.

The frames were shop- fabricated and delivered to the site in one piece. And of course the whole American tradition of the balloon and the center-frame home here by climatic characteristics play a counterpoint to the outdoor pool, keeping an undisputed relationship with the environment. Walter Bailey was a prominent psychologist, and together with Mary, his wife, wanted an up-to-date to square foot house for an empty site nestled in the Hollywood canyon.

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Homeowner and Mrs. The same material was used to cover that for the walls.

Bailey House (Case Study House #21) | Los Angeles Conservancy

Nothing is excessive in the product materials. Although Koenig's completed house personal statement uf nearly exact to the original design, subtle changes are present. Restoring the essence of the original kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances also proved difficult.

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Eichler and John Entenza were well acquainted and both were developing a keen interest in the potential of lightweight steel construction for residential architecture.

Koenig also retrofitted the house with state-of-the-art mechanical and lighting elements including an updated water heater and furnace housed in the utility core. Save this picture!

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Shortly after publication of the Architectural Digest article a film producer named Michael LaFetra who had been looking for modern architecture properties came across the article and resolved to purchase the property. Two details, one north-south, one east-west.

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The side walls are lined with steel panels, painted white like the inside of the cover, in contrast to the black lines of the structure. The slab-like white- vinyl -tiled floors that Koenig originally specified were replaced with wide-grout ceramic tiles.

With all the persuasive skill of his profession, Cracchiolo went beyond the architecture to persuade furniture makers to re-make long discontinued original furnishings for the house, such as the Formica entry cabinet from Jerry McCabe.

  • Two details, one north-south, one east-west.
  • During the hot months the water is pumped hydraulically from the pool to the roof gutter to fall through the scuppers and circulate and aerate the pool.

Courtesy of Archilogic Inafter ten years of living in the house, Walter Bailey reluctantly relocated to the East Coast. The wall-hung refrigerator of the original design was no longer in production by General Electric so Koenig modified three under-counter Sub-Zero Refrigerators by inverting the motor locations to conform to the plan. The photographs he took would later become iconic symbols of California Modernism.