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It includes frequently asked questions, quick tours, even YouTube tutorials. Founded init has 70 journals across 15 countries that offer information on subjects like crop science, biodiversity, public health and international development. It is a search tool that finds scholarly articles—academic journals, patents, theses, court proceedings, and more.

Key features: When asking your librarian or teacher, just be sure to be tactful.

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Sites for searching Google Scholar — Google Scholar is a targeted Google search for scholarly literature. Validate your profile What our customers say "I always recommend Scopus as the primary starting point for new research because it actually shortens the start-up time for new projects. Additionally, open access leads to transparency and accountability.

Top 11 Trusted (And Free) Search Engines For Scientific and Academic Research

It has over 3, written by more than 3,00, authors. Neil tells us: They work well for both humanities and scientific papers. The Research Loop hopes that open access to research will become a priority for all research institutions and journals. Academic journals add credibility and professionalism to a paper.

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Write down the call number of the book so that you can find it within your library. They provide information on a range of topics from Engineering and technology to Biology and Natural Science.

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You can find plenty of articles and academic publications using this platform. Scopus is a bibliographic database containing abstracts and citations for academic journal articles. They help people with a lot of things shopping, searching for flights, comparing restaurants. Discover how Scopus data bring critical acumen to strategic decision-making in five breakfast club final essay priorities: It is always a well-researched scientific paper that inspires the assessor.

Science and Technology of Advanced Materials http: Google Scholar http: All the journals are thoroughly peer-reviewed. Web Scale Discovery services What is it?

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Microsoft academic research is yet another top search engine for academic resources. Academic journals — These journals are a great way to find cutting edge research on your topic.

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Developed by Microsoft Research, it has more than 48 millions publications written by over 20 millions authors. They are rich in information and have the highest level of credibility.

Established init started as an NGO and later became an online academic journal directory. Type in keywords related to your topic in the search field, and see what kinds of literature comes up.

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It promotes exchange of ideas through academic resources. Further, with smart tools totrack, analyze and visualize research, Scopus empowers you to advance your science beyond the text. Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, and humanities. The search includes journal articles, e-books, reviews, legal documents and more that are harvested from primary and secondary publishers, aggregators and open-access repositories.

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PubMed also has a great Help section that with information to assist you with your searches. Reference management and discovery services Mendeley and Zotero What are they?

Ten search engines for researchers that go beyond Google

CiteSeerx http: Many university libraries have one of these services working behind the scenes, essay writing period trick index a vast range of academic resources and provide sophisticated search tools. PubMed — PubMed is a U. Just type your research topic into the field and Google Books will provide you with a list of relevant books. New Journal of Physics is an online scientific search engine that has academic databases with physics as core subject.

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National Library of Medicine — The U. They provide a one-stop solution to all research-related needs for a scientific paper. They provide a centralized platform and allow the students to acquire literature on any topic within seconds.

Now students can get information on any topic pertaining to science through academic search engines. Another great way to access academic papers is Google Scholar.

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OA Button also has a browser extension you can download. Some fields such as the humanities prefer their feminist paper thesis use books for sources rather than websites, since books typically contain more detailed information and perhaps more in-depth thinking than websites do.

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Local or University Libraries — many libraries have great repositories of research and can often help you find the articles you are looking for. Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, and humanities.

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It is owned by Elsevier and is available online by subscription. It indexes academic resources through autonomous citation indexing system. Google has another service, Google Books, that will help you find books related to your topic. Literature review good sample find Scopus fact sheets, case studies, user guides, title lists, and more, please visit our resource center.

Finding sources for your research

Rachel comments: Academic journals — These journals are a great way to literature review good sample cutting edge research on your topic. The Google Scholar lists information across an array of academic resources, mostly are ideas for business plan presentation.

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ScienceDirect — ScienceDirect is run by one of the leading publishers, Elsevier. It indexes range of scientific journals from computer science and engineering to social science and biology. Here are some fantastic resources and tips on how to use them to their fullest extent: And Scopus provides you with the platform and analytical tools to showcase and leverage research quickly.

Finding sources for your research

Access to research is in line with our goals to involve patients in all aspects of research. BioOne http: Bioline International http: This academic database is particularly helpful for students seeking information on computer and information sciences.

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PubMed Central is a free digital database of full-text scientific literature in biomedical and life sciences. Microsoft Academic Search is a free academic search engine developed by Microsoft Research.

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